Dancing with the Devil

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Someone opened the squeaky old wooden door. A young guy, probably in his early twenties, stood in front of me. It looked as if there was a gathering going on. The guy whistled. "Well, you two are looking mighty fine tonight. Here to see the match?" He said. "Back off." I said. "We're here to see Ash". I looked past they guy in front of me, but he was blocking my view. "I'll let you see him, but you gotta get past me first" He said, with a stupid grin on his face. "She said back off" Zara said. "Get out of the way" I said to the guy, and pushed him out of my way. I walked in and Zara followed. The guy stumbled aside and said "Playing hard to get, I see? I can make you feel a little more relaxed". Zara went back to him and punched him in his stomach. He collapsed. He looked as if the air had been knocked out of him, which it had. "When a woman says back off, back off, pretty boy". I was shocked. I've seen that side of her, but I've never seen her get physical. I walked into the large room and Zara trailed behind. Their was loud music blasting, people dancing and cheering, and what looked like a fight going on in the center of the crowd. The air smelled of cigarette and beer. I ducked under a woman's swinging arm. She looked like she was having too much fun. I kept walking until I saw two people fighting on flat ground, about fifty feet away from the crowd. I struggled to see who the two people who were fighting were. I finally got a clear vision of the two fighters..one of them was Ash. "I see him" I yelled to Zara over all of the noise. "Great, let's talk to him after the fight" Zara responded. Ash was a scarily good fighter. He was punching, and kicking, and throwing his opponent's body around. I felt sorry for his opponent. Ash looked down at his opponent, who was on the ground in pain, pale face. His face looked cold with a burning flame of anger. The announcer claimed that Ash had won. People were clapping, but Ash seemed as if he didn't care. He looked around the room, as if he was looking for someone. I watched him. Suddenly, our eyes met. His hazel eyes sent a chill down my spine. I nodded my he'd towards the door, signaling him to meet my sister and I outside. "Let's go" I said to Zara. Zara and I left the building and waited outside of it. Ash met us outside in less than a minute, which I don't know how was possible. "You wanted me?" Ash asked in quieter voice than I expected. "Yeah" I replied. "I needed to talk to you". "I'm listening." Ash said. "The thing is, I don't exactly know why I need you.

Haven't been on here for a long time, so here is my unfinished apology.

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