Short Poem Verses~

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And you hear their cries; As they walk to their demise; And you ignore the world; As you soar like a bird~

Lives in your heart is but only greed; That sinful passion that is yet to feed; And rest is assured by the assassin’s creed~

She wore blood like the moon; She walked like the night; She disappeared so soon; She didn’t have the soul to fight. As bright he gleamed; Like the Sun he beamed; He was her whole; But she had no soul.So he cut each wrist; With a knife serrated; As the lake settled with mist; He too had faded.

She was clad in blood; As youthful as a bud. Her innocence was lost; As she made to reach every cost; She had all but refused; Everything had been fused. They were so busy worrying; They didn’t see the innocent losing.

I look at the world, and I feel small; For we merely reside, in a giant green-blue ball.

So sleep comes, all clad in black; And darkness engulfs, just like a sack. So I shut my eyes and relieve the mind; And dreams thy brain, shall seem to find~

His words were like the scars imprinted on her neck, like a diamond on glass or ricin on skin, but she wanted to drink them like absinthe.

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