Chapter 1

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First day at new school. More people making fun of me. I've been to 8 different schools in the 7 years so, I'm kind of used to. I get ready for school quietly so, I don't wake up my dad. I put on some sweat pants and a baggy sweat shirt that hides my bruises and that I'm pregnant. Ya, I'm 16 and pregnant. Its my dad and his friends fault. They abuse me. I'm not suppose to talk unless told to so, I pretend I'm muted. That also helps people not try to be my friend. I'm not supposed to have no friends. I haven't had a friend in 7 years. I used to have a normal life. My dad was the best dad ever. My mom was the best mom. Then that all changed. We were in the car and mom was driving. A car ran a red light. and hit us. Everything went black. I woke up in a hospital. It had been about a month since the crash. I was in a comma. My dad was in another hospital room and my mom was dead. When we got out of the hospital. My dad got drunk. When he got home he started scream about how it was my fault mom died. I distracted her. He stated kicking and punching me. He's done it everyday since then. I'm used to it now.

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