A friend's trust

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There was once a traveler named Harry. Harry always wanted to go to the jungle near their house. A little while, Harry got his stuffs like axe, rope, flash light and gun. He always dreamed of catching a big lion because when he was still a kid, he and his father always go to the jungle and hunt for a lion. Little later, Harry heard a big wild roar at the middle of the jungle. A dragonfly came to the lion and said, " Lion, I just heard someone... I think it likes to catch you! Please save yourself! Trust in yourself!" Then the lion just denied. But the dragonfly kept being alert of someone who will come to hunt for the lion. "The lion is our king. I want to save his life!" he said to himself. Harry saw the lion. He hurriedly came across the lion when suddenly... The dragonfly disturbed him by going in his face and flying round and round. "Lion, please save yourself!" the dragonfly worried. Then the lion ran to the secret cave. Harry can't take his temper...so he killed the dragonfly by hitting it. Later on, the Lion was very scared inside the cave... when suddenly he remembered... Dragonfly said to Trust himself. So when Harry came, the Lion roared loud and scratched Harry's face. Then Harry ran back to the house. Later on the lion went back to the dragonfly and said sorry for not believing him. The lion cried and cried because the dragonfly is a really good friend. Then he realized..

A true friend protects his friend. THE END

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