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The constant voices. The never ending voices. Even crying into and punching a pillow for hours doesn't get rid of them.

I'm in grade 8 so why are they saying this calling me this? What did I ever do wrong?

I'm Sianna Chiara. A normal, non-bitchy teenager that didn't do anything to deserve this treatment. Yes, I'm majorly overweight and freakishly tall but I don't deserve this. No one does.

It's all Jayden's fault. Jayden Trude. He's making my life a misery. He's the leader of all the boys and they decide to target me. He's bullied me since I came to this school. It's not like one of those stories where the reason why he bullies the girl is because he loves her. It's just all because of pure hatred. No one knows why. It was just hate at first site.

I do have a couple of friends but its not that easy when you're extremely shy, overweight and not the best looking person around.

But hey? We all die in the end. The only reason we're born is to reproduce and make sure our off spring grows up healthy.

A/N: Sorry not that long but it will get better! It's just the intro! Xx

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