Chapter 3

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Lucky for me, (note sarcasm) Luke was in my class. After twenty minutes of pointless arguing and numerous dead ends, we eventually found the right classroom.

There was no adult present when we got there and I looked casually around to see if I recognised anyone in the class. Quickly, I realised that it was an all Alpha class. I spotted a boy I vaguely remembered from my childhood when I went to camp every summer. I had been thirteen and Luke’s voice had broken the day we left for the camp and he refused to go, so I ended up alone. I remembered this camp well because this was the camp where Darren had become one of my best friends.

“Johnny?” I asked. He had changed so much since the last time we had met, but the only things that had remained the same were his eyes. They were an off blue colour and were almost a deep purple.

“Do I know you?” He asked and I could see the confusion in his eyes.

“It’s me, Kitty, from summer camp. I think we met when we were thirteen.” I explained. His eyes widened slightly and then a small smile reached his face.

“Kitty, wow you got…” he seemed to be trying to find the right word.

“Older?” I suggested.

He shook his head. “I was going to say ‘you got hot.’” He blurted out, turning slightly pink around the cheeks and ears. I chuckled.

“You’re not so bad yourself these days.” I replied, which only made his face turn from pink to full out red.

“Right turn the noise down,” a male tenor voice shouted and I turned to face the same man that had handed me my schedule the night before. “I am Bennie and welcome to your first physical training class. Today will be basic, so I can test your speed, agility and endurance,” he paused, his eyes scanning over the people in the room. “Follow me.” He led us out a side door I hadn’t even realised was present before and out into a large clearing. In the middle was a large iron wall. “Boys on the left, girls on the right, strip off your clothing and shift. Anyone trying to see round or through the wall will have to serve detention with me.” He threatened, looking at the boys.

I walked round to the opposite side of the wall and stripped off my shorts and tank-top before moving on to remove my underwear. When I was as naked as the day I was born, I pictured my wolf and felt the familiar popping as my bones rearranged themselves. I looked down at my golden paws, knowing what everyone else would see. My wolf was slightly larger than the average female, but still smaller than any man, she was a deep golden blonde that got lighter until it was white on the tips. My light blue eyes had shifted to a soft violet.

I trotted lightly around the wall at the same time Luke did. Luke’s wolf was slightly taller than my wolf by an inch, but that was the only difference in our physical appearance.

Spooky. He mind-linked me.

In front of us where a man had once been, now stood a pitch black wolf. Ethan had told me that the teachers here used a special potion that allowed them to enter the thoughts of the pupils for training purposes. I thought he was making it up.

Now you are wolves, you should be able to see the worn out track that leads from here into the forest and circles back again. Take the route and circle fifteen times. Stop when you are done. He instructed.

I let my wolf take over the way I usually did when I was running and let myself find the worn track. I counted in my head every time I reached the clearing and was aware that Luke was the only wolf that had managed to keep up with me, even though he was running slightly behind me.

When we circled for the fifteenth time, we stopped, panting as we tried to catch our breath.

Well done Hunter. Bennie said and both me and my brother looked at him, unsure which one of us he was addressing. He looked between us before laughing.I was talking to both of you. You seemed to already be ahead of the freshman class, how about we move you up into a year two class and if you cope with that maybe even a senior class.

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