Chapter 2

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When we got off the plane, Seb pointed out where we were to wait, before disappearing with Shaun and Nate.

We wandered over to where he had pointed and began talking among ourselves as me waited for further instruction. The room fell silent as a pale, thin man began talking softly.

“Welcome to Westerdayle Academy. Each of you standing before me possesses the blood of the Royal Quarter in you. Good luck throughout your studies with us, now, down to business. Split into your packs and due to a shortage of faculty can Statan Pack and Golden dawn please join together for today. “ He glanced briefly over at our group, before continuing. “Find the desk that is labelled with your pack name and collect the items given.” The man finished before disappearing.

Looking around, I saw that me, Niall and Darren were all standing together, but Luke was nowhere to be found.

I eventually found him talking to a group of girls. I walked over and as I got closer I realised that the girls were of my brother’s usual standards. Ignoring the dirty looks from the girls in front of him, I turned to face Luke.

“We need to-“I was cut off my one of the girls nasally voices.

“Eww, why would you talk to someone like her?” she sneered.

I turned to face her and I could feel my temper rising.

“Because, you dumb-assed bimbo, I’m his twin sister.” I replied, causing her to growl. She raised her hand an aimed a slap at my face. I caught her hand, inhaling as her scent was blown in my direction. “Beta?” I asked and she nodded once at me, a smirk on her face. “Well, ever raise your hand to an Alpha again, I don’t care who it is and I’ll kill you myself.” I threatened throwing her hand away from me. She stumbled back and growled before turning on her heels and marching away, her group of friends throwing me looks as they followed.

“What happened?” Niall asked as he and Darren wandered over to a still angry me and laughing Luke.

“She’s been here less than a day and already insulted someone.” He chuckled, putting a friendly arm around my shoulders.

“I didn’t insult her,” I protested. “If anything her stupidity offended me.” I shrugged.

“Yep, you might want to get use to this. You have just seen the bad side to Katherine Hunter.” Darren said, clapping Niall on the back.

Niall chuckled. “If that’s her bad side, remind me never to really insult her.” He laughed, winking at me. No he’d better not.


We made our way over to the table that had both our packs names on it and told the man behind the desk our names.

“Katherine Hunter.” I told him. He raided through a pile of envelopes on his desk and handed me one with my name printed in block capitals on the front. I moved from the queue, opening it as I did. Inside was a map of the school, a schedule and a key. Looking on the map, I found my room which was highlighted in red and realised it was in the mating corridor.

Niall looked at the map over my shoulder. “Looks like we’re sharing a room.” He noted, wrapping an arm around my waist gently.

“Remember that’s still my sister.” Luke said, shuddering.

“Ha!” I said sarcastically. “Don’t even get me started. How many of your conquests did you tell me about?”I asked with a slight smile, before my face became serious. “Oh that’s right. All of them.” I glared at him.

He winked at me. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.”


We said goodbye to Luke and Darren when we reached the corridor that split into the mating and single corridor.

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