The Alpha's Twin

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 Do you ever get that feeling that your whole life has been planned out in front of you? Like all these events are taking place and there is nothing you can do to stop it, all because of the words of one person. One premonition was all it took for my whole life to be set in stone.

My father is the Alpha of the Staten pack, the largest werewolf pack in the America. My mother is the former princess of the Vampire Royal Courts. I had five brothers over all, but Luke, my twin was my only full-blood-related-brother. Seb, Ben, Ethan and Nate were from my father’s first marriage.

I guess that I should try and explain my life to you. Every wolf has a mate. A mate is technically like a soul mate. They are specifically designed for their other half and you only get one mate in a life time. When they meet, their love for each other is instantaneous.

Unfortunately not every Alpha gets the opportunity to find their mate, that’s what happened to my dad. My dad was 21 and still hadn’t found his mate, so my grandfather chose his mate for him.

Four years later my father became Alpha and helped secure one of the biggest treaties since WW2 when Germany surrendered, he made an agreement with the vampires. This agreement said that unless a wolf straid onto Vampire land (the coven) a vampire could not attack a wolf. It was during this meeting my father met my mother. A year later me and Luke were born.

I’m 16 now and my dad had decided, like he did with all my older brothers, that me and Luke would be attending Westerdayle Academy for Wolves.

The school was a little like Hogwarts, in the sense that some of the students had some form of ‘ability.’ All the pupils had parents that were part of the Royal Quarter. The Royal Quarter was a collective term used to describe Alpha’s, Beta’s, Third in commands and Pack Warriors. Here we were trained to take over the position from our parents. Since only I and Luke were the children of the Alpha and his mate, only we were eligible to take the title.

All wolves that had Alpha blood in their veins also developed a unique ability. However it was unknown how my powers would develop because of my genes.

“Katherine!” my mum yelled up the stairs.

I’m sorry but as a sixteen year old girl who could transform into a wolf and was made all the more deadlier by the fact i enjoyed the taste of blood, even i had to admit i was scared to death by the five foot nothing fury that was my mom.

Just then Luke appeared at my bedroom door.

“C’mon Kitty, time to get up.” He said menacingly, making me immediately mistrust him.

Kitty was a nick name my best friend Logan had given me when i was six years old and i told him that when i wanted to be grown up as a ‘kitty kat.’ It was made even more ironic by teh fact i was a wolf. My family had called me it ever since, only my mother called us by our full name.

I was right to be alert, as a moment later a bucket of ice cold water was dumped on my head.

“Luke you idiot!” i screamed, jumping up adn launcging myself at him, missing as he neatly daced out of my reach.

“Too slow sis.” He laughed, disappearing out fo my room. I mumbled angirly to myself as i stripped off my soaking wet pyjamas and headed into teh bathroom attatched to my room. I showered quikcly, hoping to avoid giving my motehr another reason to shout at me.

“Hey kitty.” Loagan said, casually walking into the room.

“Logan! What the hell! Im in the shower!” i yelled, shoving my head out from behind teh shower curtain.

“Puh-lease, ive seen you naked before.” He said, waving his hand in a dismissive gesture. I stuck my tongue out childishly at him, as i climbed out of teh shower and wrapped myself in a towel, hiding everything from his view.

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