December 29th

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Lay woke me up with a smile on his face. "Good morning Xiu gege." He said with a smile. I sat up and found Chen cuddled next to me but still asleep, "What are you doing in my room?" I asked. There was birds chirping outside and the morning sky was beautiful. "Tao said we should go to Disney world today." Lay replied. I blinked and looked at the time. "Sure... But why are we up so early? It's 4:53am." Lay was already at the door when I asked the question. "We need to get on the bus early so we can spend more time there." I shook Chen up and said, "We're going to see a giant headed Duck."

The bus ride was nothing special. All of us went to sleep until we got there. Chen was sleeping on my shoulder the whole time. The place seem active and alive as we got off the bus and walked to the entrance. After going past the admissions and getting past security, Tao already was gone. "This Tao... Always running off before I can say anything." Kris scowled. I giggled and told Kris to look for him while we all go in pairs instead of together. Kris sighed and went to the direction Tao went while I got pulled by Chen. "Minseok hyung, let's go on rides together!" I looked at Luhan who was smiling at me and already being pulled away by Lay.

"Let's go on the tea cup ride!" Chen said with enthusiasm as he ran towards the ride. I walked slowly after him, trying not to lose my energy before lunch. He was beaming with delight as he pulled me to a blue cup and sat across from me. As soon as the ride started, I turned the wheel in the middle as fast as I could. While we were spinning, I had locked eyes with Chen. His eyes were as dark as a black pearl, glowing faintly in the light. I didn't realize he had grabbed my hand until the ride was over. After the tea cup ride, we went to get cotton candy and head accessories. When Chen saw Donald Duck, I was being pulled towards him, "Let's take a picture with him." We got to take a selca with him as well as talk to him. It turned out that he was a fan of Exo. He was excited and happy that he was apart of a selca with me and Chen. We finally decided to take another selca with Donald so he can save the picture for himself.

"What's next?" I asked as me and Chen continued to walk around the place. "I don't know what ride we should ride on... Let's go get a map." Chen said as he munched on his last piece of cotton candy. Chen went and to get a map while I sat on a bench waiting. I noticed a lot of people walking by and taking pictures of me. I made some poses and smiled. When Chen got back, he sat next to me while reading the map, "Hyung, what's this word again?" I peeked around the map, it was in Chinese. "Jongdae ah, why didn't you get one that had English on it?" He shook his head, "Minseok hyung, our English isn't as better as our Chinese anyways." "True..." I said while sighing. Chen took out a box and handed it to me, "Don't open it until the year ends." I was about to ask why when out of nowhere, Kris and Tao appeared. Tao was munching on a corn dog while Kris was holding a lot of bags as if he was the maid. We couldn't help but laugh at them as they got closer. After some talk, we all decided to go together.

By the end of the day, we were all too tired to talk and just slept on the bus ride back. I held on to the box he had given me, wondering what could be inside. I looked over at the sleeping Chen and smiled. He looked adorable when he is asleep. 'I love you, Jongdae ssi.' I stroked his hair and found my eyelids grow heavy as well. I closed my eyes slowly and rested my head next to him.

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