December 28th

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Performance.... Today. I really wasn't prepared for this since we only practiced yesterday for like 3 hours. Kris said we could only book today and the 30th to perform since there was a lot going on. There was also no van or anything for us to get there besides taking a public bus. It wasn't a good ride. The bus was crowded and hot since we all decided to be wearing hoodies to hide our faces. As soon as we got off, Tao made a mistake to take off his hoodie to cool down, "Whew... Finally we got off of that hot bus." I was staring at some of the buildings when Chen pulled my arm and started running, "Guys! Behind you!" I readjusted my speed to follow Chen and the others around the block. "Tao, this is all your fault! Now we are being chased by Exo-L's!" Chen groaned as he was turning randomly. "Chen! We are going to get lost if we keep running like this!" Luhan said as he charged ahead. "Guys! Follow me!" He dashed ahead and disappeared in an alleyway. We ducked into the alleyway and waited for the fans to pass us before we all came out again.

The streets were full of traffic, we started walking back. I paused to catch my breath, "Jongdae ssi, I hope you know the way back to the location." He looked at me a nervous face, "Uh... yea I do... haha..." Everyone looked at him with an angry face. "Alright... We are late and we are lost. Great." Kris growled. "I know the way! Follow me!" Tao blurted in. I took out my phone and tried searching up the location, "Hm... It says here that we are ten minutes away from the place." "Ten minutes?? We really ran that much?" Lay complained. "All thanks to Tao... All thanks to Tao." Chen said with sarcasm. When I turned around, Tao was no where to be seen. "Where's Tao??" Luhan asked and looked in different directions. We all walked around until we for some reason returned to where we were. "At least we found the location..." Lay pointed out. "We are seriously twenty minutes late and we are... about to be performing!" Kris rushed towards the elevator with us behind him.

We went to the dressing room and took off our hoodies to our performance clothes and skipped make-up. The stage director was asking why we were late but we didn't answer because it was our turn to perform. There was barely any cheers as we got up to the stage but we kept our cool. Tao was already up there and waving at the audience. "Tao! Where were you??" Kris hissed as we got into our positions. "I told you guys that I know the way but you guys didn't listen." Tao whispered. "Shush and get ready." Luhan jumped in. I climbed up and waited for the signal to start. I was able to realize how much I missed my singing career. The spotlight was as if the sun finally noticed how much warmth I needed and gave it to me. I gave my full effort performance as well as everyone else. The audience was standing and cheering when we finished, even the managers backstage were clapping very hard.

On the way back, we went to a restaurant and got some take-outs. We celebrated for the performance we did together. We even took a lot of selcas in different places we thought were really pretty. We finally stopped playing around and walked slowly home. The weather wasn't really cold and it wasn't snowing like back in Korea. The night was still beautiful and peaceful. The streets were quiet except for Tao's whining on wanting to eat cake for dessert. Kris finally gave in when he saw Lay's face look like a red tomato. No one wanted to see Lay mad... I don't think anyone would find Lay's way of letting off anger funny. Luhan kept patting Lay's shoulder as we went to the bakery. The rest of the way home was nothing but silence.

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