December 27th

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I wonder how Kris booked a flight for today so quick... He came back late tonight and said that the plane comes at 8am today. Good thing I didn't decide to think that the trip wouldn't start later. I was also FaceTiming my family. They were relieved and at ease to see me feel better after what happened. I was about to say good bye when Chen budged in out of no where. "Hi, hyung's parents!" He grinned and waved. They waved back and started chatting with him. I just decided to pass the phone to him and continued to pack up until I was done. He was still talking with my parents long after I was done packing up. "Jongdae ssi, are you guys done?" I asked impatiently. He looked up and realized, "Oh, sorry Minseok hyung, I'll say bye now." My parents said something about me not being polite and hung up with a farewell. Chen still didn't give the phone to me and stared at it. "What's wrong, Jongdae ssi?" I asked as I sat next to him. "I want to FaceTime my family too, is that ok?" I gave him a nod, "Of course you can." I left the room so he can have alone time with his family.
The airport was jammed with people as usual. It was pretty hard to get to the boarding area when some people noticed us. We were surrounded by fans quickly. There was no staffs or security guards to help us anymore. "See, Kris gege? I told you that true Exo L's won't forget us." Tao said. "Yea, But you can see them wearing Baekhyun or Chanyeol t-shirts. They miss the other group more." Kris snapped. "We haven't been on stage for a long time while the K members still perform once in a while, of course they would still remember us, well not us exactly. And plus, this is Korea you should expect this by now." Lay explained. I looked around and found the gate, "It's over there, let's run there before we will be late." We dashed towards the gate with fans running after us. I was the first to make it but stumbled across an old manager of ours. "Manager hyung?" Chen said and walked over to him. "If it isn't Exo M. I thought you would be no where to be seen again in Korea." Tao glared at him with Kris holding him back, "Manager, please watch what you say. We aren't in the company anymore." Manager hyung looked at me and Chen while ignoring Kris, "You two seem to like being with them, did you think you are Chinese too?" I rolled my eyes while Chen snickered, "Look, you were the one who taught us the We are one slogan, you put us in this group and I think it was a mistake. You know why? Because you gave us a warm relationship, and that little company is too cold to understand that." I shook my head, "Jongdae ssi, we shouldn't say that. They did help us on our careers, it wasn't a mistake, it was fate." He smiled and turned to the manager again, "Well, hyung made a point but... Exo is one, no matter what, we are together regardless if we are Chinese or Korean. So you better shut that little mouth of yours before you regret this." The manager just laughed and walked off, talk about being impolite.

It wasn't a long flight so the ride only lasted a few hours. We booked and stayed in one room. The first thing Tao did when he entered the room was sleep on the freshly-made bed. "Tao, get off the bed and unpack the stuff." Kris said with a tense voice. No answer from Tao so he threw 3 pillows at him. "Wahhhhhh Kris gege, why can't I rest for a bit??" He cried. Lay was already unpacking his stuff and putting his clothes in the closet. Chen meanwhile was staring outside the window and looking around the sights. I was just staring at Kris and Tao who were still arguing. "Ok, let's practice Overdose after we unpack and try out singing Miracles in December with me, Chen and Lay." Luhan said while finishing up. Everyone agreed and did their thing. The thing was... We have a good relationship, but we end up not talking to each other because we don't want to offend each other and ruin our relationship. Talk about friendship like that...

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