December 25th

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*happy holidays to all the readers!!*

"Minseok hyung, wake up." A voice buzzed around me. "Let me sleep for a little more." I groaned and continued to sleep. "MINSEOK HYUNG!" I opened my eyes and growled, "WHY CAN'T I SLEEP FOR ANOTHER MINUTE??" "Because it's Christmas." I looked up and saw Chen grinning at me. "Jongdae ssi? Am... I dreaming??" I said and let go of his hand. Chen hit me in the head once, "Of course not, dummy. I'm right here." I hugged him tightly. "Jongdae ssi, you're finally awake! I missed you so much!" He laughed, "Heh, I know you missed me." I let go again, "Wait, you remember me now?" Chen looked at me confused, "Why wouldn't I?" I told him about how he lost his memories and he looked at me confused. Chen thought for a bit, "I only remember blacking out after I got hit by the car and felt like I fell asleep for a long time... I woke up a little while ago and found my head hurting and reading your note..." I was about to explain more but I decided to just drop it, "Did you open my present yet?" I asked. He nodded, "I love the snow globe! The best present I could get!" He took the snow globe and showed it to me. "Glad you like it, I bought one for myself too." "Really? Aw... you're so sweet, Minseok hyung." I smiled and hugged him again. "Now... I want to get out of here, this place is too boring for me." Chen said with a straight face. I nodded and we went to the doctor's office together.

"Minseok, where were... J...ONGDAE??" Suho had answered the door and was shocked to see me and Jongdae together. "Hey mama Suho, missed me?" Chen smirked. The rest of the members crowded around the door to see what was happening. The next thing that happened was that everyone was hugging Chen. The noise was so loud as if dogs barking at each other when they see each other. I sneaked past them and went up to my room. I gathered all the presents and went downstairs. The rest of the group were talking to Chen, who was looking at them confused. They were asking if he remembers what has happened lately while he kept scratching his head.

After almost ten minutes of catching up, we decided to exchange presents with each other. Everyone's presents were very nice. Chen gave me a new cell phone. We played board games with each other and had a very fun Christmas party. Chen sat down after singing his favorite song. "Minseok hyung, my head hurts... I'm gonna go to bed." I nodded and helped him to his room. He laid on his bed and told me to stay with him. I looked at him, "You know... This was the worst holiday ever. But it's also the best holiday ever." He went close to me and nuzzled, "How is that?" I smiled and kissed him on the cheek, "Because miracles happened." He wrapped his arms around me and blew into my ear, "Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Minseok hyung." I slowly placed him next to me on the bed and made a satisfying smile, "Happy holidays to you too, Jongdae ssi."

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