December 23rd

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I went out early on the morning to go to the mall. I spent my time picking out gifts for all the members. It really took me the whole morning... I decided to stop after finding a hat for Chanyeol and went to the cafe to buy a hot chocolate and eat lunch. I looked at everything I got so far. I had most of the members already, I was only missing Chen's and Kyungsoo's. I decided to buy a set of kitchen knives for Kyungsoo and I thought hard of what to buy for Chen.

I walked store to store to look for something right... A piano? No... He has one already, a journal? No... That's too cheap. A music player? No... That's not what he would like... I walked to the store where I got the snow globe. Hey, if I find another one like the one I had, then I can give it to him! I looked around and found one that was the same one except the ornaments were different colors. I got it and walked to a chair to sit down. Finally... I found everything for the members. I looked at the snow globe I just bought. It was so beautiful to look at.

I went home and locked my bedroom door. I wrapped up all the presents and hid them in the closet before everyone could see what I got. When it was dinner time, I went down and helped prepare the table. Lay was our chief today since D.O was gone. Kris and the others were looking at me suspiciously. They must've thought I was crying and hiding my feelings again. I smiled at them so they can stop making me look awkward. Kris just gave me a stare of worry and went back to eating. I looked at my own plate and started eating. They were worrying about me too much. I need a break.

I looked at the snow globe and kept touching it. I wanted to give one to Chen too... I couldn't sleep tonight, I was still thinking about if I will celebrate Christmas eve with my group or not. I looked at the snow globe. Hmm... I think I should. I will. I smiled and turned off the lights to sleep.

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