December 22nd

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I woke up to a scream. I went downstairs to see what happened and found Baekhyun on the phone. He was in shocked mode when he hung up. "What's wrong, Baekhyun?" I asked him. "Jongdae... His condition went unstable overnight and now he's in the emergency room again..." I looked at him for a minute and ran out to go to the hospital.

I was out of breath when I got there and had to lean against the wall for a bit. I looked at the sign, it was still blinking in progress and I sat down to pray. "Don't leave me, Jongdae ssi... You promised me." I waited for an hour before I saw them bring Chen out. "Doctor, is he okay?" I asked. The doctor nodded, "Don't worry, he passed through the night." I sighed in relief. I followed them back to his room and sat next to him. I found the note still on the bed and I grabbed it. I hugged it on my chest tightly. "Jongdae ssi... Don't troll with me... This isn't funny." I started crying a little bit. I finally felt better and touched his hands, "Jongdae ssi, Happy holidays... I wish you a happy new year." I got up and left him there to rest.

I touched the snow globe I bought the other day. It was almost Christmas, I was planning to buy all the gifts for the members tomorrow. I thought about the offer Kris gave me, he wanted me to spend Christmas with the rest of the M members. I didn't answer him because I was shaken up after Chen's sudden emergency. The K members were gone to spent Christmas Eve in another part of town. I didn't know what to do... I don't really have the mood to celebrate without all of them here. I sighed and shook the snow globe again. Tomorrow, I will make my decision.

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