December 20th

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I couldn't leave the hospital until late afternoon since the members had to work. I decided to just go visit Chen until they came. He was looking the same as yesterday, still lifeless but alive. It started reminding me what happened during the accident... It took all my will to stop myself from stopping the negative thoughts. I touched his face and stroked his hair before falling asleep on the edge of the bed.
I found myself at the park. It was snowing beautifully. I found my power symbol shining brightly on my hand. I touched the snowflakes the were falling down. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and I turned around. It was Chen. He grabbed my hands and we went in circles. I saw him smile and I couldn't help but smile too. "I'll wait for you, Jongdae ssi." He grinned and started singing the chorus of Miracles in December. I touched my chest when I heard it. The person in the song was like me... I was too selfish and didn't understand true love. Chen hugged me and stopped me from thinking more, "Remember, you changed... Don't worry, I will come back to your side ." I started to cry a little and he hugged me tighter. "Baby, don't cry, tonight." I obeyed and kissed him on the cheek. He was so warm despite the snow falling.
"Xiumin?" Luhan woke me up and I looked at Chen. He was still the same as he was. I sighed and looked at the rest of the members. "Minseok... Let's go home." Suho said. I nodded and told them to wait for me at the elevator. I turned to look at Chen one more time and left a note on his bed before I went to meet up with the others... 5 more days until Christmas... I do not want anything in particular, just love and for Chen to come back.

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