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{ Victoria Lopez pre-Z. Although she doesn't look it, she is Latina}

It was year 3 of the apocalypse, I had officially lost everyone who I ever cared about, I told myself that if I ever joined a group that I wouldn't get too attached to anyone because I knew that I would just end up losing them in the end.

I was currently resting in an abandoned house, it was still perfectly in tact. When I entered I was being very cautious for any Z's (or humans), that could be in there. I checked every room and every little nook and cranny.

When it was safe enough I decided I would stay here for a few days. I made sure to barricade the windows, but I left a few small spacings, so I could see if anyone would be coming.

- * -

It was the third day and I was still in the same house, I looked outside and when I expected nothing but Z's, I saw three trucks coming in the direction of the house I was taking shelter in. I was really hoping it wasn't a cult.

But whether in a cult or not you can't trust anybody these days. So I went upstairs and watched them through the window.

The trucks came to a halt a few houses away from me. From what I could see there was a red head, a blondie, a girl who had dark hair, and four others.

I brought my attention to the room I was in. Downstairs I heard someone knock down the front door so I got one of my knives from my halter and readied myself.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. They didn't sound like a Z, but Z or not I'm willing to do whatever it takes to protect myself. I could hear the person open every door.

The door to the room I was in went flying open, I tightened my grip on the knife in my hand.

There in the doorway was a boy almost the same age as me (19), with green eyes looking back at me. He had his sniper close to his chest, as if he was expecting to find a Z. When I saw him let go of the sniper I slowly put my knife back in the halter.

The boy seems to have his eyes fixed with mine. He steps closer and I put my hand back on the knife I just had out.

"Hi" the boy said quietly.

"Hi," I say shyly, "are you with that group that just pulled up?"

"Yeah, I'm 10 thousand, by the way." I chuckle lightly

"is that what your mom named you or did you give that name to yourself?"

"I gave it to myself. Its how Z's I'm going to kill, so far I'm at 2,246." He further explains, "so what's your name?"

"Wow" I say in amazement. "And my name is Victoria but I prefer Vic or Vicky." I answer, trying to conceal a smile by looking at the floor.

After that there was an awkward silence. "So, how long have you been here?"

"Um, about three days now, but I've been traveling alone for a few months now." I say looking back up, meeting his gaze once again. "Well, I guess you should probably get back to your group now." I say.

He responds, "but I can't just leave you here by yourself."

"I think I'll manage by myself" I laugh lightly.

"I don't care, I want you to come with me and my group. I'm sure they'll let you come." He concludes. I look around myself and back at 10 thousand.

"fine I'll join your group" I finally say. Now normally, I wouldn't trust to go with just any person. But there was something different about 10k, he wasn't like any other guy I'd come across these past years, he was completely different.

I just knew it.

We leave the house, I have my bag and am slowly trailing behind 10k. We near the group and suddenly I'm the center of attention. Something I don't normally like. A dark woman introduces me to herself and the rest of the group.

"Well hello there I'm Roberta Warren this is Sargent Charles Garnett" she signals to a not much older man, "that's Addy, Mack, and Cassandra and the ones in the truck are Murphy and Doc."

"I'm Victoria but I prefer Vic or Vicky." I say

I greet them all. "I see you already met 10k" Warren said. I looked up at 10k who was standing next to me,

"yea I guess I have" I reply with a small smile creeping onto my lips, which I try to hide.

"Don't tell me she's gonna be coming with us too. We already have one too many." Scowled Murphy.

"Well, you're definitely not going to enjoy me being in the group" I laugh and a few of the others laugh along. I hop in the back of the truck with 10k and everyone gets inside and we drive off.


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