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Pen Your Pride

zayn malik imagines

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you and Zayn were the perfect couple ever he loved you very much and you loved him too.

it was late at night and you went to bed to find your man sleeping ,you kept watching him than you go to sleep .you held his hand and slept ,suddnly you hear someone in your room ,you open your eyes to see guys holding zayn and put a gun in his head , he was a scared and crying , you were scared too.

"give us the money or he will die"the man said you were crying and couldn't say any thing ,the man told you to give him the money again,"we dont have money "finally you told him "then he will die" the man said "nooo,please noo take me but leave him please "your crying "no babe dont do that please if he wants to kill than leave him to do it"Zayn said scared "no Zayn i cant let him kill you,i love you more than anything" "i love you too boo, goodbye" than the man killed Zayn .you were crying and shaking suddnly you heard someone says "boo,wake up your having bad dream wake up please"Zayn said and hes trying to wake you, you open your eyes and see Zayn you start to cry harder and shaking"what happend babe? why are you crying?" he asked "i had horrible nightmare, there was a man and he tried to kill you and i couldnt do anything to save you"you cried . he pulls you into his arms and you hug him tightly"shhh its gonna be okay I'm here now shh it's okay" he said "Zayn dont ever leave me please" "never babygirl" "i love you Zayn" " i love you too boo" you slept in his arms and he holds and never letting you go.

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