~That someone special ~ *Zalfie fanfic*

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~Hi so this is my first story,I will try to update it as soon as I can.you can call me Gobo/goblin cause that's what my friends call me>.< another name u may call me is rainbowz/tmw(the mysterious weirdo) n.n so on with the story!!!~




~Chapter one ~

~Zoella's POV~

"help! Help! Help me please"I screamed,"someone stole my bag! Help! Thief".suddenly a super muscular yet hot person came to my rescue."stop thief! Halt in the name of Alfie!" The guy said in a charming british accent.the guy caught up with the thief and tackled him to the ground. Once I saw that brave act I immediately fell in love with him and his charming sparkling eyes and that cheeky smile.I felt butterflies in my stomach.I think his name was Alfie? That's what I heard.Alfie.A wonderfully charming name. I noticed that he has a sense of humour.


So sorry that the chapter is short.I hv no inspiration! Help!!!


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