Suffering: Choices and Consequences (Dark Times saga #2)

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In the last one year, it was the tale of Mandarin’s journey. This time, it is the tale of Elisan.

As revealed by the Book of Time, when Elisan destroyed Dark Lord’s body, the timeline shifted and the island they lived on, Damian, was destined to collapse down to the surface. Willing to accept any method to save the people, Elisan is shocked to find out that the sure, and the only, way seems to be to revive the Evil Lord just as he was when he died. And so he sets out on a journey to search for a way to revive the one person who hates him the most and would gladly kill him.

But when things keep taking strange twists as his former ally rises against him, an ill-fated love is born, the dark sect of Damian begin to leave strange signs for him and a strange wizard who remembers nothing are added to the mix, Elisan realizes that for every choice he makes, there would be devastating consequences.

When love, lies, betrayals, curses and secrets of an unremembered past begin to mix again, it is once again not the end but the journey that matters.

Oh, and was the sadist ghost of Mandarin, who keeps torturing Elisan, both mentally and physically, mentioned? 


A/N: This one is not written yet so there won't be 25 uploads in a day.

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