"Oh my God!" Justin cried out, turning his head back to the glass doors. The intruder was gone but the message remained. Justin instinctively grabbed Logan's hand out of fear, then quickly let go. Realising he was scared, Logan took Justin's hand into his own and turned him reassuringly.

"It's okay if you're scared," Logan spoke softly, calm, as if the situation wasn't dire. "I am too, but whoever that was could have come in here to attack us. The doors opened! He had the opportunity but he didn't hurt us. He wants us to look at the hole."

Justin wanted to agree with him but his paranoid mind didn't allow him to think positively. "He could have, but what if going to the hole is a trap? If a man with more flesh missing than a decomposed corpse tells you to do something, would you do it? Especially if it involves going outside where he is?"

"You have a point, but what do you think he'd do to us if we don't listen?"

Justin sighed. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Let's just look at the hole together. The ghosts were trying to drag you into it right? They might have just wanted to show you something."

"Ghosts usually do direct people where they want them to go, usually for answers to their deaths or the key to solving a related mystery." Justin pondered the thought until his gut began telling him what to do. "Okay, I'm convinced. We'll go to the hole. But that man without a throat... that's not normal."

Logan placed both hands on his shoulders. "Don't worry about him, I'll protect you."

A smile crept on Justin's face. "I think that should be the other way around, you should have seen your face when you said he wasn't a ghost." Justin laughed. Logan narrowed his eyes at him and grinned.

"Well you weren't exactly fearless yourself so don't go judging others when scary shit happens."

The two boys laughed. For a second, they forgot the situation they were about to enter. Their smiles lingered a little while longer, both not wanting to give up this moment for the next.

Justin broke out of it. "Well, if we're going to be exploring some holes, we'd better get some supplies."

"Absolutely," Logan agreed, following Justin to the hallway. He opened a door to the cupboard under the stairs and entered. Turning on the light, Logan could see why he chose to enter it. There were tools everywhere, lying neatly on shelves while others were hanging up against the walls. A couple of torches were the first things that Justin picked up. He handed one to Logan, who took it gratefully.

"My dad is mad about power tools and fixing stuff, he loves all things construction," Justin explained after he realised the look of awe on Logan's face. "So that's where I get my masculinity from."

"Sure," Logan laughed.

"Hey, I may not look it, but I'm really good with some of this stuff."

"To be like your dad?"

"To be like Lara Croft! But don't tell my dad, he feels like this kind of stuff makes us closer," Justin confessed. He picked up a pickaxe and handed it to Logan.

"Whoa, what are we going to be needing that for?"

Justin threw him a look. "You didn't think that we'd get anything out of just looking at a hole, did you?"

"We're going inside it?"

"Is that okay?"

Logan hesitated before answering. He could see the need in Justin's eyes for his support. "Well, I really didn't want to die tonight but I guess that's fine."

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