don't try to change me

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I'm someone who don't belive in fate or destiny. So for whatever happens in my life I belive its just due to me.i'm a fashion designer.I travel from places to places to find new textures and ideas. I do miss my my family when i move away from them but when I have to follow my passion my dreams my family becomes my aspiration.

it was about 1:30 pm when my senior mr.allen told me that i have to go with him to hawaii to take part in some sort of cultural program with him. in fact i didn't actually care where we were going to because being with him for at least 5 minutes is like letting your head to be crushed under a huge rock. Seriously,he's just so bad man. Though he's just six months older than me he behaves as if he is the king and i'm a slave and not only with me but with the whole team he behaves like hell.


thats just a introduction about the story. Let me know if u would like to read further. let me see how many comments I get within a week .Or else i would stop it here itself. I know u haven't got enough about the story but i just want to know if anyone is supporting me or not.

I hope for best.

thank you

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