Infatuated with The Devils Son - Chapter 1

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"Once you turn into the darkness, you will never come back."

Chapter 1 -  Dark Forest

Grace Bein had just arrived at the party that she was suppose to meet her boyfriend at. She had told him that she didn't know if she was going to be there.. But she made it... 

The party was at a huge mansion, that belonged to a popular cheerleader named Cindy Nevier.
Grace wasn't on the cheerleading team nor was popular, but she wasn't shy. She had a mind of her own and that was what caught Adam's attention. 

Adam is the typical playboy.. School's quarter back, he ran the school. That is why everyone was surprised when he started to get interest into Grace. Grace had been so low in the school.. 
She walked into the area where most of the people were.. They suddenly all stopped talking and looked at her. They all knew what Adam was doing, they knew more then she did. No one was nice enough to warn her what she will next. 

Grace didn't know what was going on. She knew that she was dating someone popular but they didn't need to stare at her. She ignored there stares and took a step forward. She looked around the room but there was no sign of Adam. 

A girl she recognized from her class came up to her and stopped her from walking. 
This girl was considered a friend to Grace but nothing like a best friend. She had curly, blonde hair and had freckles. She was pretty but not gorgeous. 
"If your looking for Adam, he's upstairs in one of the room." She had worry in her eyes when she told Grace where her boyfriend was. 
Grace smiled, "Thank you." She walked away from the girl and made her way threw everyone. The house had a rich style stair case that had stairs on both sides. People were making out and groaned with disgust.
Grace never had given herself to Adam. He'd begged her to death to be her first but she would never let him near her female parts.  
She had took the first step up on the stairs.. She made her way up and had a bad feeling.. 
There were two girls in the hallway and they pointed at the door. She stopped... Why is he in there? She thought to herself. 
She nodded a thanks to the girls and took a step forward. She grabbed the door knob and twisted it open..

What she saw in front of her made her have a tear down her cheek that fell.. It landed on the ground.
Her boyfriend was with Cindy.. Cindy was placed on top of Adam with her hands all over his body. Her lips were locked with Adams. Most likely gonna take this to the next step, but not with Grace seeing this. 
Grace took one look at this scene and darted out of the door. She ran and ran that's all she wanted to do. 

Grace Bein - 1st P.O.V  

My mind was set on one thing and one thing only. Getting the hell away from Adam.. I knew he would cheat on me, and this is why I never gave my virginity to him.  
The house I went to was that sluts party, not wonder why she is barbie like. Well, both of them can have a perfect life together. He's got his little sex buddy back, he's all good now. 
The house was in front the huge forest no one dared to go.  The forest was filed with old trees and many have fell down. I wasn't watching where I was going and tripped over a vine that lied on the forest floor. 

I breathed out deeply and I got up. "God, I am clumsy," I said out loud. 
I got up and brushed off myself from the dirt that was on the ground. My dress was white before and now is dirty from my fall. There goes 1000 dollars, and thats a lot of money. 
Why the hell did I decided to wear a 1000 dollar dress. I am such a dumb person.

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