December 19th

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I looked outside the window... Still no word on if Chen was okay. He had been in the emergency room for a long time... I curled up into a ball and looked down. 6 more days until Christmas and all of this happens... This is the worst Christmas ever in my life. A doctor came in the room, "You are Minseok?" I nodded, "How is he??" The doctor shook his head, "We don't know, he has lost a lot of blood as well as a blow on the head, he seems to have a head injury a little while back..." I nodded, "He had a severe concussion during a car accident a while back." The doctor seemed to understand immediately, "He's alive, but I do not know when he will wake up, it's a small amount of chance that he will." I looked down, "He got hurt because of me again... He's was innocent, he tried to comfort me and I pushed him towards a moving car... he tried to revenge for me even when he had amnesia and doesn't remember me. Why did the Gods do this to him?? They should've gave me the pain, not to him!" The doctor went over to me, "Minseok, he did all of this because you are his best friend. I know that God wouldn't be so cruel. It's almost Christmas, believe in the miracles. If fate is on your side, then he will for sure wake up soon." I nodded, "I won't lose hope, I will believe in myself and Jongdae ssi." "That's the spirit, you can be discharged tomorrow but don't overdo yourself since you still have an injury to your head." The doctor said and left the room.

I walked over to Chen's room. I sat next to him and took his hand. "Jongdae ssi... Thank you for everything... I owe you... I love you." I stayed a little longer and finally left the room so he can sleep peacefully. "I pray for Jongdae ssi to wake up soon." I said to myself.

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