The Prologue

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Hi readers! I'm the author at sasawsaw sa storya ni Remi BWAHAHA. Dati po akong fan ng The Wanted way back 2012 pa and that's why I started this story in the first place.
I know its a bit late but I think I still want to pursue this story.

Just an update:
TW disbanded a few years ago. May mga kanya-kanya na silang buhay ngayon may iba nag-pursue sa showbiz, iba nagpamilya na and may iba na tinalikuran na talaga yung kasikatan na meron sila noon, reasons? Di ko na inalam.

Nevertheless, this will not have me stop the story at all kasi gusto ko talaga ang TW noon pa man, ngayon kasi I get to realize na when you get to adulting stage you have other priorities and other commitments plus I have to make a living for myself. I made this story way back April of 2013 and I hope I can still live up to the story I have in mind for this.

So, this is my first official watty story. And I hope you guys like it :)


Remi POV

I'm Rein Michelle Duran but everyone in the family calls me Rein or Remi. I don't allow other people calling me Remi not unless we're close, I dunno ganun ako eh.

I'm a Fil-Brit of decent. Mom is a Filipina and my biological father is English (according to mom). I am nurtured as a Brit but have a heart of a Filipino (cheezy). I know how to speak Filipino language fluently I use that to my advantage to prank other people by acting "all-British" then goes "ah ganun ba?" with looks on their faces like what I did to my bestfriends HAHA you'll meet them both later (; ang saya.

I was taught of Tagalog language back when I was in the Philippines with my mom's family, I stayed there until I'm nine years old before my mom took me. I also have a twin siblings na tinuruan ko along with my dad on how to speak tagalog since both of them are young mas madali cuz I'm 8 years older than them, so we can communicate properly english o tagalog man walang problema and without having any secrets amongst the family.

More about myself and my family promise may purpose to magbasa na lang kayo HAHA, I'm 25 turning 26 years old, 5'7 in height I have a brown-reddish curly straight hair, grayish brown eyes, pale-tan looking whatever; but don't be deceive, dala lang yan ng panahon HAHA.
My figure? Acceptable HAHA I admit I was fat when I was 16 but I didn't care at all because I know now what I needed to do and I am confident which we girls should be right? Right!

More of taking the liking for 'boybands'. I dislike boy bands literally, their running me crazy kung anu-ano lang naman ang ginagawa. Kaya hindi kami magkasundo ng kapatid kong babae lalo na lagi niyang binabanggit ang pangalan ng mga boy bands na yan everytime I'm around which drives me and lalo na my brother nuts.

Anyway, up until now I'm in London living with my mom and her husband which is my stepfather btw, and I call him 'dad' how cool is that? Moving on, silly twin siblings, a half brother & a sister. Royce Kevin Duran and Reige Michelle Duran both just turned 18. Our Dad is Richard Ken Duran and my Mom's name is Rachelle Velasquez-Duran.

With regards to my biological father? Let's just not talk about it for now I don't even know him at all.

If you're wondering how I got the name "Duran" well, it came as a gift. I can't even begin to describe what happened when I first came in, by the fact that my mom already has a family here and first thing I thought of was: SAAN AKO RITO? Dumating pa lang ako sa airport nun sinalubong na kaagad ako ni Mama kasama ang "family niya" and they brought me to their home. As soon as I got there they prepared the 'gift' for me, and I remembered this so vividly, it was a wrapped folder along with other gifts and inside is my birth certificate changed from Rein Michelle Velasquez to Rein Michelle Duran. For me its just a piece of paper, I didn't know what that certificate meant. Then nagulat ako sa sigaw ng mga relatives ni dad kasama na doon si Lolo shouting 'welcome to the family' with smile on their faces. Ganun ako tinanggap ng pamilya ni Dad and it was ecstatic and I was nervous at the same time meeting all of them, it felt new and surreal. Me telling to myself, at last I belong to something precious.

Mom is my support system, all the way, she always encourages me giving me strong advices and letting me know that whatever happens she will always be by my side and we all love that about her how caring and amazing she is as our mother.
Currently, mom is helping dad run our family hospital, supervising everything and anything with regards to patients and staff at the hospital which I don't know much about me and my sister, but my brother... I think his interested in medicine I don't know I'm not interested about it.

Mom graduated and has a PhD chu chu whatever title she has way back in the Philippines which was a rough journey according to her kasi she was 27 at that time mastering stage pa lang daw ng pagiging doctor niya noon... Eh naging talandi tong nanay ko and tada! I came in the picture BWAHAH
That pushed her to the limits. Kaya siya nag-apply for a job dito sa London, she started as a nurse kasi di daw acceptable sa London ang diploma niya well di ko rin alam HAHA. Pero that didn't stop my mom to work her way up the ladder and became this amazing doctor she really is which got my dad's attention btw and that's what you call cupids play kasi Dad is this bachelor na walang panahon sa love life pero niligawan si Mom, ang sweet nga eh.
Well moving own, about Dad naman accoridng to Mom he is a well-known successful doctor from a very young age in one of the prestigious hospitals here in London known for helping patients all over the world up until now, and nakikita naman talaga yung dedication niya kaya nga crush na daw niya si Dad noon pa di niya lang inaamin pa kay Dad ang sweet kainis. Well, he's best known by making a name for himself regardless of how the family hospital is standing in the field of medicine and to the world and now, that passion paid off as he will soon be the CEO of our family hospital for generations. The Duran Medical Hospital where he and mom officially met. Lolo is still the one managing and supervising the hospital until dad is ready to take over which he is, ayaw niya lang kasi matrabaho daw baka maubusan siya ng panahon sa amin, ang sabi niya lang sakin he'll wait until maka-graduate na si Reige and Royce sa high school and he will take over.
Ang nakakatuwa pa, even dad's family accepted me like I am a part of this family and not at all different from the pack especially lolo (father ni Dad) na sobrang importante sa akin kasi he made me realize my worth and siya ang nag-introduce sa passion ko for cooking and being an animal activist kasi we both love dogs HAHA.

Pero gaano man kami kasaya ang hirap na hindi isipin kong sino ba talaga ako at sino ang tatay ko.

A/N: Newbie here kaya di ko alam kung paano sisimulan. Help me improve it, comment and suggest po kayo about my story. Vote if you like it and just always remember its my first story so bare with me HAHA. Let me know if somehow I'm getting the story of other people's plots so no plagiarism will be set.

This is fanfiction. I don't intend to relate this in any way to anything just purely imagination.

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