Chapter 22: Confusion

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Picture has absolutely nothing to do with the chapter. Just finished watching Lord Of The Rings for like the 10nth time and this meme is hilarious! Please enjoy...

Mystery's POV

I glanced down at my GPS's clock as I drove. I knew I couldn't push past 60 mph without risking being pulled over and I had no cover or explanation as to 1.) why this car had no insurance, 2.) why I was carrying an unregistered weapon, and 3.) why I had no identity. The first 2 weren't detrimental but the third reason could not only be this operation, but my entire units downfall.

I would just have to suffer the slow agonizing pace at which I was going. The GPS told me I was approaching my destination, approximate arrival time in 7 minutes but the day was already slipping from my grasps, I didn't have much time left before I had to complete my objective.

I sighed to myself, pushing the acceleration down just a tad to put my speed at 63 mph, heeding what my secretary had told me earlier today about the speed limit restrictions. I glanced down at my phone as I drove, checking messages and calls. I eyes went back to the number I dialed earlier today and I thought to myself...

will she pull through?

Winter's POV

I was awaken by the sound of a sports car pulling in and an engine being cut. I couldn't hear much of anything else before my doorbell was rung. Sighing, I detached myself from Tyler's arms and wiggled out of his grasp to go answer the door but before I could make it two feet away from the bed, Tyler's hand shot out and grasped my arm, pulling me back towards him.

"Tyler stop, I have to answer-"

"Shhh!" Tyler hissed, his hand shooting to cover my mouth in attempt to stop me from talking. I pulled his hand away and turned towards him, alarmed.

"What?" I whispered, feeling my heart beat accelerate.

"We're you expecting anyone to come over today?" Tyler asked, removing his hands from me and slowly crawling out of bed.

"No, why?" I asked, watching his movements as he went toward my bedroom window which overlooked the front of my house.

"Because Winter, I just hacked a government issued file that was empty. Something tells me that's not a Girl Scout or Jehovah Witness at your door." Tyler said, back glued to the wall my window was located at.

"Can you see the person?" I asked, watching as he slowly peeked through to my door entrance.

"I can only see his right side from this direction. From what I can make out, it's a man, tall strong build. He has black hair and a nasty scar down the light side of his face."

We heard the door bell go off again.

"His coat just moved and I can make out the bulge of a gun underneath his shirt." Tyler whispered, his body going rigid.

"Maybe he's a detective?" I offered, doubting my own words.

"No detective can afford a sports car in this town." Tyler replied, shooting my suggestion down. "Plus, he's wearing a Rolex. No detective can afford a Rolex. Period."

I sighed, silently crawly out of my bed to lean against the farthest wall out of sight. "What should we do?" I asked, mentally calming myself and slowing down my heart rate.

"Slowly make your way to the door and head down the hallway quietly. Once you have reached the kitchen, grab a pan from one of the bottom cabinets. I'll head downstairs and open the door. I want you to be on the side opposite the door hinges so when I open it, you swing. Got it?" Tyler asked, moving away from the window and towards the door. "Don't give him time to think, just wait for him to walk through the door and swing, okay?"

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