If Dreams Were Stars ☆

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If dreams were stars,

I would always dream

Gathering sparkling stars,

Everytime I fall asleep

There's never a limit,

To all of our dreams

We just need the inspiration,

for those to be achieved

I've always dreamed of a happy life,

Where problems are gone and comes a light

Of happiness and sincerity from the heart,

Of the most dear person from the very start

That person is God, above all,

Who never fails to catch me when I fall

Beneath His wings I confidently stand tall,

And I will always be ready to heed His call

I also need the love of our family,

Who always helps me to be happy

They take care of me all day and night,

And never fail to remind what's wrong and what's right

I always fail them everyday,

But still beside me they never fail to stay

My family never lets me go astray,

And they keep on loving me everyday

My friends too I shall not forget,

For they are treasures that were hard to get

I will always keep them in my heart,

And no pain and distress can tear us apart

Though there're times that I frown,

They always turn that frown upside down

Those smiles and laughter will keep us together,

No matter what storm disturbs our weather

To my companions who were always there,

Whom I am not that close,

But they did still care

Never give up with all your hopes,

For one day God will give you your share

And as for me the one who wrote this poem,

I never knew what came into my mind

I just felt the urge of making this,

To thank you all after all this time

If only I could thank you all one by one,

But that'd take me forever I'm sure of that

Countless people have accompanied me until today,

Without you all I might've lost my way

You are all a part of my galaxy called "Life"

And you're all the stars that shines to give me light

And as I end this poem, 

I'd like to say,

If dreams were stars 

We would always be guided along the way


Dedicated to anybody who reads this :)

Thank you for your time!


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