December 17th

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I woke up on a hospital bed. I found Luhan staring at me. "MINSEOK, YOU'RE AWAKE!!" He hugged me tightly that I couldn't breathe. "Please... Let me go..." I said. Luhan let go quickly and bit his lip, "Sorry... I was worried of you. You were out for three days." "I... was?" I asked. He nodded, "You were hit on the head by a flying bottle and passed out. The doctors were worried that you would die..." I touched my head. I didn't notice the pain in my head until now... I've been stuck for so long... "Where is Jongdae ssi?" I asked. Luhan bit his lip again, "He disappeared after finding out you were in the hospital... Suho and the others went to look for him, but no sign of him." I went blank again... I was worried about him. I got out of the bed and ran off with Luhan going after me.

I went to the streets and screamed for his name. Luhan started asking people if they seen him before. I started to become more worried, I shouldn't have went to the mall that day... If I stayed at home, I wouldn't have got hit by a bottle. Suddenly, I realized... "Luhan? Who called the ambulance??" I asked. Luhan looked at me, "Chen did... We were taking a walk around the park when we saw the bottle fly at you and you got knocked out. He screamed for an ambulance while running off and I never saw him again." I stood there... I knew what happened. "Luhan, I might not be back for a while... I think I would know where Jongdae ssi is. Don't worry, I will call the others when I find him." Luhan nodded as I ran off into the streets.

I ran all over the city to find a gangster group. It had to be them, I had once gave them a lesson for stealing an old lady's purse. Chen was with me that day too. Chen wanted to revenge on them for hitting me with a bottle. I couldn't imagine what had happened during the three days I was out.  I threw that thought aside and focused on finding Chen...

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