Chapter 10 ╥﹏╥

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Abby's POV

Tears stung my face as I shifted, my paws were weak. It felt like 10 tons fell on me, making me cry more. I ran as far as I could, Stopping at the boarding of the territory. Sitting down, looking out in the woods.

"Why , why me..." I asked Stacy. I heard her whimper and shrug, my ears perked up as I turned around seeing a wolf bigger than me. It walked up to me and kept tripping over its feet, I kept in my laugh but couldn't keep the Wolfy smirk off my face.

The wolf sat down beside me, I kept looking at it with confused eyes.

The wolf shifted, and my eyes widen seeing a sweaty, naked looking sam. My eyes widened looking away to keep his Privacy as he went behind a tree with a bag getting dressed I think. I looked at the trees across the border, smelling rain in the air.

I felt a nudge at my side with Sam handing me a night gown, as I took it and went to go get dressed behind a tree. I came up to him, not keeping my gaze. "I'm so sorry, Abby." He said, quietly before be pulled me into his embrace.

He's body was warm just second I swear I felt sparks with his touch. Tears welled in my eyes, as a slight sob escape me.

"Shh, Abby it's okay I'm here for you." He cooed to me, soothingly. Rubbing and combing, his hands threw my hair.

After, about five minutes I calmed down.

"How old are you?" I asked, looking at the trees listening to his heart beat. It was so slow and calm, like a child that felt safe.

"Same age as you" he replied, as if it was so simple. He looks younger than he actually is, that's a good thing. "Then why did you ask me how much it would hurt when you change," I asked.

"Different people, have different pain tolerance," He said.

I thought to myself, well that makes sense. I looked up at him he was tall and could tell him and Sebastian were brothers. Sam smiles and slowly brought his has up to touch my face, stroking his thumb on my cheek.

"Why are you so kind, to me?" My words were so low, barely a sound. "Because, your beautiful and everything a man wants in a mate." He said, my heart skipped a beat as I felt sparks from his thumb. What's going on? I asked Stacy, all she did was lean into the touch happily and calm.

Sam's eyes were so gorgeous, the way his skin was it looked soft. His eyes watched me, with so much emotion. "Abby, can we discuss something?" He said smoothly, I nodded in return.

"This, might sound strange but I think you are my mate as well." He said, looking at me to find if it was true or not.

"Its not werid, I was thinking the same thing." I said, as he leans down slowly. My breath hitched as I felt his breath, brushing on my face. "Can I?" Sam asked, in a low whisper. I nodded my head, as he leans down all the way putting his soft lips on mine.

Loud sparks were up and down my body, making me go in a frenzy. Are lips moved in sync as he deeped the kiss, by biting my lower lip making me gasp as he growled lowly.

I slowly pulled away, and looked at him shocked as for he did the same. "Did you feel the spark?" He asked not believing it him self. "Yeah," I stuttered out looking him in the eyes.

Sam smiled and laced his fingers threw mine. "Let's get home, before someone comes looking." He said with a grin, I couldn't help but smile back. "Yes, we shall" I said as Sam and I made are way back to his house.


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