chapter 9 ( ̄ω ̄;)

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I'M going to start with authors note. I feel like people are losing interest. If you are tell me I'll stop writing. Thanks.
Sebastian's POV

I don't know what got over me, I was in pure rage. I felt Abby's hand touch mine, the tingles calmed me down until I swatted it away. Then out of no where I kissed her that calmed me down like a fire being put out. I pulled away from her soft lips and looked down at her, her eyes opened slowly revealing her icey blue eyes.

I loved her eyes so much, she's perfect for so many reasons. I finally leaned down and kissed her again.

Abby's POV

Earlier was um, let's just interesting shall we say. I was currently on the couch watching some random TV show. Is it me or did TV get boring over the years? I asked myself while I went down stairs to eat something. I soon bumped into someone and bounced back. "Oh, I'm so sorry." I looked up seeing a boy that was a very tall but a little shorter than Sebastian.

He has brown hair and very light green eyes, you could tell he was built with a high rank. "No need to apologize, Luna." He said. His voice was smooth....wait, how does he know I'm Luna. He extended his hand, looking at me with a pure white smile. "Hello, I'm beta Charlie." I giggled a bit, he raised an eyebrow at me. "I'm sorry your name has a funny ring to it." I said as he smiled and itched the back of his neck. "Yeah, my prankster of parents did that." He said then he looked around. "Have you seen my sister?" I looked at him confused. "Sabrina" he mentioned her name and my head lowered shaking it fast.

To be honest I could care less if sabrina was okay or not. She lied to me, about my mate. "Well, shit. Sabrina runs off a lot, she's what you can say a trouble maker." He said. I nodded I still wanted to be her friend though. A loud crash came from the kitchen followed by a lot of angry cussing.

Me and Carlie ran to what it was and whom. There was a black, brown haired boy, with grey eyes that was rubbing his head. He looked around 15, his eyes snapped to mine making me feel weird. "Oh.My.God! Abby It's that you?! Its me Sam, remember I was 5 and I used to go to the attic to play with you. I'm Sebastians brother." He said running over to me, I was shocked this kid has grown up so fast before my eyes. "So, Sam and Abby you both know each other?" Charlie asked, me and sam nodded are head in unison, making charlie laugh.

A deep growl went threw the room, my head snapped over to it. The noise was coming from Sebastian. I slowly pushed sam behind me, protecting him. Sebastion stopped and smiled, well aint he bipolar? I asked my wolf. She nodded slowly. "What's up guys?" My mate asked, everyone in the room. "I found my long lost friend" sam said while hugging me, I could hear he was very happy.

"I bumped into, miss Abby. Or shall I say she ran into me" I made a blank face and hitted him playfully in the arm. Charlie laughed and rubbed the spot. Sebastian stood their, leaning on the wall with a smirk.

He looked like he was very spaced out, so I did one thing. I left him there with that sexy smirk of his. Sam laughed at me, while I went to the freezer to get ice cream out. They had my favorite might I say, Carmel paradise was my favorite. It had caramel, chocolate, Hershey's, oreos, and a lot more goodies.

I got a spoon and sat at the island with sam right me side me, watching me eat this delicious ice cream. "I have a question, Abby." He said nervously. I nodded my head with a go-on look.

"Umm how old when you shifted?" He asked

"I was sixteen, you have one more year" I cooed at his young age, making him blush then get serious.

"Did it hurt? 1to10." He questioned.

"Hmm maybe a ten. Okay I'm joking it was a five, I can take pain" I said with a smile. Sam crossed his arms, "well if course you can that's why you were in the attic bei-" I Cutted him off by pushing his chair over, watching him have a mini heart attack.

Me being me I bursted out laughing hard, holding my stomach so I don't burst. Sam looked at me with a betrayal look, I smiled innocently. He shook his head and fixed the chair and sat down. "Oh, I'm sorry Abby" he said looking down. I mentally awed and huged him "its okay, Sammy" I said smiling.

"Hey can I have some ice cream?" Sam begged. I looked at him and smirked. "Nope" I said popping the 'p'. He laughed and took my icecream and spoon. I pouted and looked at him "that's my ice cream" I looked at him "one bi-" sam was cut off by a phone we all snapped are heads to the sound.

As we watched Sebastian awnser with a smirk on his face. The last thing we heard was 'hello darling'.

Instanally my heart broke and I ran as fast as I could out that room.

How could he? Why would he do this to me? Doesn't he love me? Does he accept me as his mate?

I was wrong....

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~ Veronica Bradley.

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