" Hayley, are you awake yet" yells my mum

" I am now" I look at my clock and see its 5.30 am why am i getting up so early, cause i live a hour away from school and have to catch the stupid bus.

I get out of bed and head to the bathroom only to find it occupied by one of my triplets Ronald.

Yeah i'm one of three born a minute apart from each other I'm the youngest and the runt. Ronald is the second one born and then there is Kaleb the oldest, everyone loves Kaleb he is the most popular guy at school and Ronald is the next popular guy. So that would make me the most popular girl right? Wrong no one even knows I'm alive except my friends.  Some kids at school don't even know that Kaleb and Ronald are my brothers.

" Ronald hurry up i need to have a shower " I yell through the door

" Go away Squirt, I just got in here" he yells back

"ahhhh, mum we need another bathroom i hate waiting for those two losers to finish in the bathroom, they take forever " i scream at mum

" You still have a hour and a half before the bus leaves" she screams back

I go back into my bedroom to wait. My computer Pings telling me I  have a message probably from last night cause none of my friends are up this early. I open my computer to see I have a message from my best friend Karla

Message from KARLA

Heeelllooo Hayley where are you, you missed the packs bonfire tonight  Lawson was there, you love Lawson ok gotta go c you at school tomorrow xo

" Squirt the bathroom is free" Ronald yells

About time. I rush out of my room and straight into the bathroom. I take my clolthes off and hop into the shower, the water is luke warm like always after the boys use it.

I hop out of the shower  and get dressed into skinny jeans and a deep purple turtleneck, then apply my make up and making sure I put enough eye liner on to make my electric blue eyes pop. Then I put my long ash blonde hair up into a high ponytail, and put on my black converse shoes.

I go downstairs to the kitchen and sit at the table and start eating my breakfast my mum cooked for me, bacon and eggs mmmm yum.

Just as I was about to get up from the table, My dad the alpha of our pack the Caine pack, comes rushing in announcing that our Beta John has been attacked just inside our borders by the Jackal Pack.. this means war oh crap

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