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Matthew's POV

After, 3 hours of sleeping the flight attendant told us that we are gonna land in 5 minutes.

So, I decided to wake everyone up we all packed are things and landed.

Before we went out, I tweeted we just go to the airport in Nashville and I got 12,096 retweets and 17,435 favorites

These people just mean the world to me.

We went through the same process and when we got out of the airport it was like 'oh my lord'

Thousands of fans were here all wanting pictures, we tried to take as many pictures as we can.

These group of fans had funny looking posters of us so I grabbed one and took a picture with the

Crowd posted it all on my social media. I saw Hayes, Kalolaine, Jennifer, and Marina signing things

Taking pictures, following all the fans in their twitters so I decided to do the same.

-20 minutes later-

We got to take pictures with everyone and I was so happy cause I didn't want people just to come here and

Get nothing from us, I mean look how much they did to us we couldn't be any more happier.

We said bye to the fans and left in the bus. "Well that was just awesome" Kimberly said

"Better get use to it" Jennifer said. Kimberly just nodded "I'm starving" Hayes said "Same" I said

"Hey Joe do you mind stopping at chipotle" Shawn said "sure" Joe said (Joe is the bus driver)

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