Sarah Jane - Part 1

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Sarah Jane                        

by sloanranger

Part  1


Sarah Jane pressed her mouth closer onto the cool door. Her breath had started to fog up the big red "Coca Cola" painted on the glass and was rapidly covering up her ability to see inside the store.

Hanover's Drugstore and the picture show were the only two places in town that had cold, 'air refrigeration' in the summertime. Looking inside, she couldn't see anyone on the stools or in either one of the two booths, so she took a deep breath and opened the door. 

The bell affixed to the top of the door jingled merrily and Mr. Hanover came out of the back of room where he fixed his medicines.

"Close the door Sarah Jane. We don't want to cool off the whole town now, do we?" The druggist said. "My, don't you look pretty?"

The little girl smiled.

"Thank you, Mr. Hanover."

Sarah Jane liked Mr. Hanover. He carried with him the exotic smells of his potions along with the clean smell of soap. He looked clean too, with the starched, white druggist's jacket he wore over his shirt.

Sarah Jane had never given it much thought before, but just now, she did. She did not analyze it - the even features, the ready smile, the blue eyes or dark wavy hair. No, but somehow Mr. Hanover had just become handsome in her mind.

(To be continued).

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