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There wasn't much more resistance along the way. They ran into a couple more guards, though these were humans who were not prepared to face a group of determined Agents. A few other Sigari showed up as well, but Ross and Candy handled them between themselves. Before long, they found themselves facing a doorway at the end of along hall. Behind them lay a trail of their fallen opponents.

This is it, Gabriel thought. Behind this door lay the objective of this mission.

Ross nodded toward the door, an unspoken command. Mick took the silent cue and stepped up, setting up plastic explosives around the lock. Not even a minute later, there was that flash of light and acrid stench. Ross placed a palm flat against the door's surface and pushed. It swung open with an tortured squeal.

The room was a simple concrete box. A single, bare bulb lit it with a cold, yellow light. There was a steel cot in the center of the room, with only a thin mattress and blanket to cover it. It was upon this cot that their entire purpose of this mission sat regally.

Her hands folded neatly in her lap, her eyes were downcast and shadowed within the glorious mane of spun gold that spilled over her shoulders and down her back to where it pooled on the bed. Despite the worn state of her dress and the dismal state of the room, she appeared to be quite unconcerned with her whole situation.

Upon their entrance, she lifted a striking golden gaze that immediately pierced through them all. Gabriel felt a chill run through him as those intent eyes passed over him. He had seen them before, on another Sigari, in fact. Geliar of Rovias bore the same golden features as this woman before him. However, Geliar had been warm and soft in presence. This woman was sharp and intelligent, as noble as any nobility could ever be. She waited quietly, calmly, as if people breaking into her cell was an everyday occurrence.

A finger poked into his shoulder from behind, giving him a not so subtle prod. Gabriel blinked, startled. Right. This was where he came in.

He took couple of steps forward. At the movement, her attention zeroed in on him, and instantly, he felt his skin prickle with the force of her gaze. He swallowed once, forcing himself to remain calm and neutral. Hands at his side, he leaned forward in a deeply respectful bow. After a long second, he straightened, and began to speak carefully in the lyrical Noblesse tongue. As he never had the opportunity to actually use it in a conversation before, he wasn't sure how bad his accent or pronunciation was. He hoped it was at least understandable.

"I greet you, Melassi delan ii Rovias. I am Val of the Embassy."

There was a long moment of silence, in which she simply observed him. It was completely unnerving, and he had the feeling that she was visually dissecting him. He had to put in a lot of effort to not fidget where he stood, to remain patient even though he knew their time of getting her out successfully dwindled with each passing second.

Finally, she dipped her head in a regal acknowledgement. "I greet you as well, Val of the Embassy," she said gently, her voice deep and warm like liquid chocolate. "What purpose have you here?"

"To prevent war," Gabriel found himself saying, though it wasn't what he intended to. He blinked in surprise, falling silent temporarily. He meant to say that they were there to rescue her, but when he tried to formulate the words, something else came out instead. Though that reason was definitely true, it was a far more honest answer that the first.

"And how do you intend to accomplish that?" Her eyes never left him the whole time. It was as if it were only he and she in the entire universe for the way her focus remained on him. It was unsettling.

"By returning you to your family," Gabriel responded honestly.

The Sigari Noblesse gave a tiny smile after a moment, her features softening. "I understand." She rose to her feet in one graceful motion. She looked over the other Ambassadors behind Gabriel before her attention returned to him. "I will entrust my life into your hands, Val of the Embassy."

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