The Past, The Love, The Memories

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Four letters of lie... that is LOVE. Love doesn't mean anything. It will fool you, it will hurt you, it will kill you.

But one thing about love is amazing. It will be the one to cause tears in your eyes but it will also be the one to wipe it dry.

Many are scared to love.. Scared to experience the pain that it brings.. But how can you forget the pain when you don't even want to face it?

"It's impossible to change and to forget your past but it's not impossible to forgive those who have hurt you. You cannot rewrite the past but you can correct the future by living in the present."

The past will remain in the past. The love will teach you to forgive your past. But the memories of it will be buried in your mind and in your heart forever.

 Past mistakes are not always going to happen in our present life. We don't have to fear anything about them, we just have to learn from them. Don't let the past hinder your decisions, think about how painful your future will be if you deny everything in your present. We just have to remember that history doesn't always repeat itself. 

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