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There was this girl named Sophia, Sophia is a very simple girl and she is 18 years old already.

She has a bestfriend in their school the name of her bestfriend is Chloe.

Sophia has a crush on Edward he is the most popular boy in their class.

So Edward likes Chloe Sophia's friend.

Then Sophia always see Chloe and Edward dates always so she dosn't talk to her friend Chloe anyomore then one time Chloe asked Sophia.

Why are you not talking to me Chloe

asked?Then Sophia did not answer then Chloe asked again then Sophia sat on the bench.

Then Sophia had tears Chloe asked Sophia why? Sophia said because Edward loves you I love him.

Chloe said ok the truth is me and Edward planned all of this Edward is keep on asking me what do you like what are your favorite things when we date and it's not a real date because he planned a party for you.

Sophia said what party Chloe said I don't know.

Then one time Edward talked to Sophia Edward said can you come with me? Offcoures I said YES!!!

Then he blindfold me he brought me in a resturant then he kneeld and asked can you be my girlfriend and I said YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

After that day we always do things together we go to school together and we live together we live in his house he is just alone in his house he is not with anyone that's why me and Edward lives there.

Then after a year we Graduated already.

And after a month he asked me to mary him and offcoures Sophia said YES YES YES!!! ThenI had tears of joy.

Also Chloe found her true love Chloe is now in America me and Edward is still here in London.

After 10 Years

Edward Edward Edward!!!! My tummy hurts ahhhhhhhhhhh ok I'm going to bring you to the hospital

Edward:Doctor what happend to my wife



Doctor:She's pregnant

Edward:O my god. (Edward so happy)

Doctor:But dhe still needs to rest she is sleeping

Edward and Sophia are sleeping then Sophia is already awke while Edward is still sleeping then Edward woke up Oh my god Sophia Sophia asked Edward what happend?Sophia asked

Edward said your pregnant and Sophia said O my gosh happily and Sophia had tears of joy then Edward hug her.

Sophia needed a checkup on the hospital then yhe doctor said that the one she is bringing is Girl.

They are so Happy to know that theire baby is a girl.

One day Sophia is sleeping then she just felt something then she shouted aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Edward Edward Edward I think I'm already pregnant my tummy hurts aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Ouch ouch ouch Edward bring me to the hospital then the baby gitl comes out.

Edward is waiting for Sophia to wake up then finally Sophia woke up then Edward is looking at Sophia smiling.

Then they went home with their baby girl.

After 15 Years

Their daughter Stephanie or Steph is already 15 she loves music a alot.

And their dauther Steph is now a celebrity and she already have a boyfriend so after 5 Years Steph is already maried to the guy named Arthur.

So then Sophia and Edward live happily ever after until they get older....

If you like the story I will make the

Continuation next month...

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