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Pen Your Pride

Daddy's little girl (Louis Tomlinson)

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Hi there!! This is chantal here. I will be writing this story, but Sydney will be helping. So enjoy!!

Annie's POV

Hi, my name is Annabel, but people call me Annie. I'm sixteen years old, I have black wavy, long hair, amber/yellowish eyes. I'm 169cm tall, healthy and fit. I live in a interesting and beautiful city, New York City. I love One Direction, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Little Mix, they're awesome. Actually, Louis Tomlinson from One Direction follows me on Twitter, and we talk to each other all the time, he actually was my first follower when I first got Twitter.

I have a step dad, John, and a step brother, Jake, 17 years old. My dad walked out on my mum and I when I was three years old. Jake and I don't always get along. My mum and John are very strict on me, I'm not really allowed to have a social life. Not that I really have any, except for when I'm on Twitter. I don't really have friends at school, that's because everyone doesn't like me for some reason and bullies me. I get bullied at home too. I really hate my life, why can't I love with Louis, who treats me with respect, and acts like a father to me, a nice one. Ugh, anyways, enough about me, lets get to the story. Bye for now.

Louis: morning sweetheart :)

Me: morning :)

Louis: how r u?

Me: alright, u? Just going to school now.

Louis: that's ok. I'm good. Have a good day at school.

Me: thanks. What ya up to?

Louis: ur welcome :) not much, trying to wake Haz up, we got rehearsals and he doesn't want to wake up. None of us don't want to, but we got to..

Me: aha, tell him I say hi? Have fun with that :P

Louis: he says hi back, more like groans, but yeah, aha. We will try to :D

Me: aha. Pillow slap him? xD

Louis: did that already. -.-

Me: poor daddy :P

Louis: yeah, poor daddy. He's getting pissed off at ur uncle. Wake up u dumb ass!! Lol.

Me: ahaha. Wow. How did I ever get to know u?? ;P

Louis: corn laugh, he's still not getting out of bed, I need help!! I'm not sure, I think I was ur first follower on Twitter ;)

Me: smart ass ;) tell him... That Taylor Swift wants him again..?? Nah, stupid. Um.. I'm not sure..

Louis: if Taylor ever wanted me back again, I'm not sure what I would do... -.- (Haz) I'd laugh and scream - Lou

Me: why scream Lou? I'd laugh :P

Louis: not sure. But I got Haz out of bed :D thank u baby girl <3

Me: aha, nice. So my idea worked? Awesome!! Ur welcome daddy. Well I got to go, Jake is annoying me... Love ya both, love ya all :) <3 xox

Louis: yeah ur idea worked :) ok, have a good day at school. And tell Jake off... We love u too :) <3 xox

"Jake stop it!" I snapped at my step brother, who was poking me in the arm, really hard.

"Why? You know I'm just joking." He said cheekily evilly.

"Because it hurts. Please leave me alone." I told him.

"Whatever. You know why you don't have friends? Because you always tell people to leave you alone." Jake said to me, I faced him next to me in the car.

"No, I try to let people in, but they won't because of that lie you told the whole school about me with that jerk friend of yours, who supported you." I said, slightly raising my voice, getting pissed off.

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