Minecraft: The Legendary Slayer

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"So, you've decided to read my story about me, Norman. On how I defeated the Enderdragon King and became a legendary slayer? Well, yes I suppose since you're reading this. I'll tell you how I found out I was the legendary slayer of the Enderdragon King, in the first few chapters."

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I fell of my bed onto the wooden floor. "Stupid noteblock alarm!" I muttered. It was early in morning, I saw the sun shining, and the birds chirping from the Mo' Creatures mod. I got up from the wooden floor rubbing my head. I went to change from my dinosaur t-shirt, blue plaid pants, and bunny slippers into my gray hoodie, red sneakers, and a pair of blue jeans. I also wore leather armour over too so I can fight some ogres from the ogre mod, when I headed outside, I stopped by the village's trading center and traded some gold for a wooden sword, bow, and a stack of arrows. Next, I headed to the evergreen forests where I, and other people fight the ogres. When I arrived, I heard bushes rustling behind me, I took my bow out, and some arrows pulling back and ready to shoot. Suddenly, the rustling stopped, and something popped out, I tried to shoot an arrow at it but missed. "Hey! Watch it Norman," said Jack. He is the best ninja in the village, Jack. (also my best buddy). "Oh sorry, Jack. I didn't know it was you," I said breathing heavily. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! We felt the ground shaking and loud thumps. "It's an ogre! Hide in the bushes, and get ready to attack!" Jack shouted. I hopped into a bush and squated so it didn't see me. The ogre was looking all around as if hes playing hide and seek. It was holding a giant wooden club and swang a tree next to me. "Oh no!" I said whispering as I dodged the tree falling down. "Phew, wait. Didn't I just see Jack in that tree?" I said panicking. "Norman! I'm over here!" said Jack hiding behind a log. I looked at him with amazement. Suddenly, the ogre spotted me behind the bush. I grabbed out my wooden sword, jumped out of the bush and started swinging at the ogre. The ogre was swinging his giant wooden club at me as I dodged them, while I was trying to stab the ogre with my sword. Finally, I got the ogre tired and did a 360 twist jump and stabbed the ogre. The ogre was laying on the floor, dead. "WOAH NORMAN!" shouted Jack running towards me. "What? I just killed an ogre.." I said anxiously. "B-but only the legendary slayers can do a 360 twist jump, and kill an ogre at the same time!" said Jack panting. I just stared at him like he was crazy. "Hmph," I said in my mind while waving goodbye to Jack. I kept thinking what Jack said at home.. Even in bed, I couldn't sleep at all.

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