Chapter 8

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Tris Pov:

I wake up at 9 am, pretty late for me because I am normally up with Verity by 7 am, she must still be asleep, or she is being quiet at least.

I unwrap Uriah's arms from my waist and quietly walk to her room, when I get there, I see she is playing with her teddy bear.

"Hi baby, shall we get you dressed?"

She nods and lifts her arms up.
I pick her up and take her to the bathroom, running the warm tap in the bathtub for her.

When the bathtub is full enough for her, I undress her and place her in it, she giggles and splashes the water.

I give her the rubber ducks while I wet her head, I pour a small amount of baby shampoo onto her head and rub it in, I wash it off, once it is all off of her hair, I take her out and dry her up.

I take her back to her bedroom and set her on the changing table, putting her in a diaper and dress her in a blue and white top, black leggings and in an old pair of shoes that look new called vans.

I brush her hair and dry it, putting a black and neon blue owl hat.
It's getting cold in Dauntless because we are underground but we don't mind.

I give her the unicorn teddy and her pink teddy with a small blanket attached, she runs into the living room and climbs onto the couch, I put the TV on and an old show comes on, I think it is called Dora the Explorer (A/N: do you guys have that show in America? We do in the UK and it was one of my favourites!). I tell her to stay there and be good.

I go back into mine and Uri's room, to see him spread out like a starfish, taking up the whole bed but his face is being suffocated by his pillow.

I laugh and grab his water from his bedside table and pour it over him, he jumps up and looks around the room.

I quickly walk to our wardrobe, taking a gray baggy top out, black skinny jeans, black combat boots, a black and grey sports bra, a black scarf and quickly steal Uriah's black beanie that I got him as a valentines gift.

I walk back to the bed and see Uriah sitting up and stretching, I ruffle his hair and sit on the other side of the bed.
I start putting the clothes on, getting underwear from the draw in my bedside table.

I stand back up and start brushing my hair, leaving it down and putting Uriah's beanie on.
I also take a pendant Uriah got me for valentines and put it on, as well as picking up my brown satchel and walking back to the living room where Verity is babbling gibberish at the TV, Dora the Explorer is still on.

Uriah comes out fully dressed but with a wet head, I giggle when he goes into the kitchen.

"Hey Uri, can we have breakfast in the cafeteria today?" I ask, he nods and grins.

"Let's go now then, I'm starving!"

I pick Verity up, turn the TV off and walk to the door, following Uriah to it and he locks it behind us.

Verity giggles at Uriah, "Mama, dada hair wet."

"I know baby, dada spilt water on his head,"

We get to the canteen in minutes, we sit at our table and see the gang eating breakfast.

"Hey Uri, ma bro!!!"

Verity squeals and fidgets to be let down, I set her down and she toddles to Zeke, smacking his leg.

He picks her up and blows a raspberry on her cheek, "Ver Ver Bear!"

Uriah has left us to go get breakfast, like he does all the time.

"Hey Tris, any new members yet?" Christina asks, wiggling her eyebrows.

I stare at her, "No Chris, Verity is turning two in a few days and me and Uriah don't want to deal with another child, once Verity can go to the Dauntless daycare then maybe."

She smirks.

"Number boy and his lap dog isn't here yet," Shauna says.

I nod, "Good, I don't want to hear or speak to him."

Uriah comes back with food and we start eating, Verity still on Zeke's lap.


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