JADES 7 - Pt 104

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'Nuff Said

j*a*d*e*s –glimmer of hope



            “WAIT!”  Nat yelled, trying to get everything in order, she was still tired, still a young girl, and they were all talking at a hundred miles an hour.  Somehow, they all had a part of a whole story, but they had to put it together, somehow.  Her hands held up, pausing for a long moment.

            “Emma was kidnapped, one of the dudes that was kidnapped with her knew that Jo was gonna die.  He was some sorta seerer like Em.  He didn’t see this though, because he never saw anything that involved him.  Whatever is gonna happen is gonna go down tonight and we don’t know how to find them?”  Nat stated, trying to make things fall into some sort of order.  She’d taken on Shelby’s street accent for no apparent reason.  It drifted from her so effortlessly.

            “Something like that.”  Darci said, nodding. 

            “Scrolling.”  Shelby whispered, not looking up from the book that Darci had brought back with her.  She’d scarcely let anyone look at it, seemed that Shelby was in the mood to learn. 

            “Yes!  If we scroll for them on a map, the point of power would show up.”  Nat said, nodding from the front of the mustang that Mike drove.

            “What is scrolling?”  Amy asked, looking at Shelby.

            “It’s a spell sort of, helps you locate things.  You can scroll for Emma but you have to use something of hers to help point her out.  Jewelry or something like that a ring or necklace it has to be something that she had an attachment too.”  Shelby’s voice was very soft, and quiet.  She was dealing rather well with the realization that she had some sort of power, even though none of them knew what it was yet.  Darci and Amy looked at each other, Darci shrugged quickly, looking at Shelby.

            “New member knows about witchcraft, perfect.”  Amy said sarcastically.

j*a*d*e*s –soft voices in my head


            “Poor, poor Emma.”  The voice came to her in her foggy frame of mind, she knew the voice, and she knew she did.  The person was using some sort of voice distortion device, but she knew the voice.

She licked her dry lips, shaking her head in hopes of clearing it.  It didn’t work whatever drug she was on was pushing her deep into the darkness of her mind with every passing moment.  Desperately she yelled out in her mind for help, anyone help.  She knew that there was no one there though, Jo’s mental link was gone, and as gone as she was.  She was alone and she was going to die, here in this smelly, dank place.

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