the Greatest Boy

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"Oh, wait, gotta tie my shoe" I say to Andy and Joe. Right as I'm lacing up my converse, in the dimly lit hallway, I notice a familiar pair of black boots.


"Yeah?" I say, slowly getting up. Ryan stretched his hand out to me, and I slap it. Same as we always do.

"Please, stop" Ryan begs. 1. I'm offended and a bit confused, 2. If he's asking me to stop liking him, I can't, but...I'll try.

"Ok", and with that said, he walks away. I leave too after saying good-bye to Andy and Joe. 

I go in search of my usual group of friends. Right there, relaxing under a shady tree, were Pete, Gabe and Frank. "Where are the rest of the guys?" I ask.

"Your fellow band mates are napping in the auditorium" Starts Pete.

"The rest of the guys are out getting coffee" Gabe interjects.

"Hmm. Just as well". Pete adjusts his head band, and my ming begins to wander. I think of Ryan. I get these crazy butterflies everytime I see him. I can feel my face changing color. I only ever blush when Ryan is involved. Pete bursts out laughing, falling to the ground. He sits there kicking and laughing like a hyena.


"What?" I asked slightly embarassed.

"So what happened between you and your lover? Hm?". Uh-oh. Now Pete's got Gabe and Frank's full attention.

"What are you talking about Pete?" Gabe asks with an interested and hungry look on his face.  

"Its nothing" I say while trying to stare Pete down. "The bell rang like five minutes ago. We're late for class"

"Well, that never interested you before" Franks says, holding onto me now. I don't think he'll let me leave. 

It's nice being back though. Frank and Pete are acting as seductively and cooly as ever. I don't think they'll ever quit. Gabe is the sly trouble maker we alll know and love. These guys have stuck with me since middle school; some longer. We're like brothers. Nothing can ever seperate us.

"So, my love, do you wanna tell 'ol Frank what's up with you and RyRo?" Frank says dreamily, batting his eyelashes. e begins to pull me along, and the rest of our little entourage follows us. We lead the way to the auditorium. Pete and Gabe open the doors and bow. My eyes start to tear from the cold air inside. Frank sits me down on his lap. It looks awkward since I'm much taller than him. Like a twenty-year-old sitting on an eight-year-old's lap. We can hear the faint sound of snoring. Must be Jon and Spencer. I ignore it for now. I begin to tell them what happened. I know I must've been blushing really bad, because i was no longer freezinf my ass. 

As soon as I finished my story, two bodies with shaggy brown hair rose. I jolted. I would've fallen head first if Frank hadn't been holding onto me. I pretty much forgot that Jon and Spence were there. "That's quite a story" Jon says. Spencer nods in agreement. 


We all get up and walk out like were the most bad ass people on the planet. I pull out my phone to check the time. I announce that lunch is almost over. We all head off to the couryard in one huge group. We walk past the gym, headed towards Hayley, Josh and Zac. There HE is. Ryan. Leaning against the rail with about six of his friends. Since they're my friends to, they tell me hi, but not Ry. Mikey and his older brother join us along with Ray. I can sense Ryan eyeing me-or atleast trying too-as we walk away.

I turn to Hayley and flash her a smile. I laugh before she asks where we've been. "So did you guys get tickets to our little concert?" I asked, gesturing to Jon and Spence.

"Of course. I wouldn't miss the chance to finally see you guys up on an actual stage. Can't wait" She says excitedly. I leave just as the bell for sixth peiod rings.

I immediately remember that avoiding Ryan isn't an option, considering we have most of our classes together, and we're in the same band. I take my time getting to class. i like to make an entrance. It makes up for all the times I'm a clutsy idiot. I walk in and everyone looks up to see who it is. I clamber into a seat near Frank. We just sit, making coversation and doing our work for the entire forty-five minutes of class. Then ring goes the bell. Time for our concert. I had to pull some strings with the principal in order for us to et the ok to perform. I can hear the doors being thrust open in the halls. Most of them are making there way to the auditorium. I wait five minutes before I leave. I get up and look at Ryan who's reading a crupled piece of paper. 


I walk past the front of the auditorium whre people are handing in their tickets. They push inside to sit with their friends. I reall ydoubt all these people know us. I think the only reason they bought a ticket was to get out of classwork. By the time I'm backstage, i get a call from Will. He says I've left my bag in class. I need that bag. it has the clothes I'm going to perform in. I'm contantly forgettig things. I tell him to wait for me upsatairs.

I go to the building, up to the second floor, past an empty classroom; well, almost empty, except for Ry. I can't believe he's still sitting there. He should be gettig ready for the show with the others. It's dark inside. (I forgot, yet again, what I came here to do) i slip inside the room. His head snaps up from the paper.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay. You okay?" I ask.

"Yeah. Yeah Im cool" He says, sounding a bit unsure. "I have to ask you something. What exactly did you want me to stop doing?" He folds the paper, putting it in his pocket. I bend over his desk, to meet him eye to eye. He looks up, inching his face closer.

"I...want you to stop making me like you" He says slowly. Almost scared to say it.

"But I can't make you do anything you don't want" Then, WHAM! He kissess me tenderly, eagerly. I can feel a warm, tingly sensation corse through my body. I kiss back, meshing our lips. I suck on his bottom lip as he lets out a soft moan. Ryan grips my wrists, I his shoulder. Both of us so desperate for this. I always wondered what it'd be like. it's better than anything I could ever have imagined.

"Ahem!" Someone's been watchin. Ryan and I look back at the door. It's Will with my bag. "Well, lets go. We gotta show to play" I say, pretending that nothing happened. Will's never gonna let us live this down.

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