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   A/N: So this is based off of these two AU meme posts on tumblr, so all credit goes to whoever came up with the idea.  Basically I loved the idea and my friend wanted me to write it but I probably will not do the idea any justice. If you read it, I love you. Hopefully this turns out well. We’ll see.

Warnings: Eventual language, drug use, smut,  etc etc basically sex drugs & rock n' roll

Links to the tumblr posts:

Part 1:

Part 2: 


                Louis had spent his day like he spent every day he had off from work. He sat at home, stayed in his pajamas, watched television, ate and then felt sorry for himself. It was seriously pathetic. He told himself multiple times that he had nothing to mope about. He had a great job, a dream job really. He was living on his own and making a life for himself, but nothing ever felt right. Nothing felt like it ever clicked with him. It always felt like there was a piece of him missing, and he always wondered when he would find it.

                So since today was like every other normal day he had off, he was not expecting his phone to ring. The only people he talked to was his mate Zayn or his family, although talking to his family seemed really rare lately too, but the thing was, Zayn nor his family never called him on his day off, and he couldn’t imagine why anyone would be calling him right now. He checked the caller ID and saw that it was indeed Zayn and his face scrunched up a bit in confusion. He sighed before answering, “Hello?”

                “Louis!” Zany’s replied in excitement. “Louis, get down here to work now. You’ll never believe it.”

                Louis sighed again and shook his head even though he couldn’t see it. “Zayn, it’s my day off. You know I don’t like being bothered, and you know I really don’t feel like going in to work,” he told him.

                “No, Louis, you have to,” Zayn replied. “They want you in now. C’mon! It’s big news. It’s worth it, I promise. Stop moping around for a day and get your sorry ass to work.”

                Louis stayed silent for a few moments before sighing. “Alright,” he replied. “I’ll be there in a few.” He hung up and forced himself up off of the couch and down the hall to his bedroom. He stared into his closet pathetically for a few before reaching forward, picking out a loose fitting t-shirt and some tight jeans. Once he was dressed and his hair looked decent, he got his car keys and made his way out.

                Louis drove to work slower than normal, not really wanting to go there. He just wanted his day to mope around and he wasn’t happy that it was interrupted. He grumbled to himself some as he got a parking spot and headed out of the car and into the building. Almost immediately he was greeted by an excited Zayn who reached out, grabbing onto Louis’ arm and pulling him back to the meeting room. “Seriously, what’s going on?” Louis asked. When he was in the meeting room, he stopped and stared around at all of the people lined up. He looked over them carefully. A few of them he recognized since they were his main bosses that actually came into the office. Most of them though were strangers to him, and he knew they must have worked higher up in more of the management and business parts of work.

                “We have a perfect first major assignment for you,” one of the higher position workers started up. She wore a suit and had her hair tied back and she gave a friendly smile, but Louis still didn’t feel comfortable; he felt like she was one of those people who were mean but just disguised themselves as nice. He had to pull himself out of his thoughts and judgments about the woman to hear what she was talking about.  “You’ll be joining White Eskimo on their upcoming tour to learn firsthand what the life of a rockstar is like!”

                Louis’ first instinct was to snort and roll his eyes and make some comment about how she had to be kidding him, but he paused and stopped himself. He knew the band White Eskimo. Everyone did. He never was fond of them though. In fact, they were on his top list of bands he hated. But he worked for a rock ‘n roll magazine and they were a rock band, so he didn’t know why he was so surprised by this. He let out a soft breath. “Uh…,” Louis started, quickly forcing a smile on his face. “Oh. Thank you. Can’t wait.”

                The woman smiled appreciatively and nodded. “You’ll be going on their full UK tour with them. You will be expected to keep track of their lives and what they go through. We want the inside scoop of a rockstar. We want to know what it is like to be a member of White Eskimo. We want the dirty details,” she explained. “You are expected to write down everything they tell you, and on a side note, you should write down everything you observe. Keep a close eye on the lead singer though. He’s the moneymaker of the group. The bigger the news we have on him, the better.”

                Louis just stared at the woman and nodded because what else could he do? If he argued back or voiced his thoughts, he would be out of a job. Even if this wasn’t his dream job, it was still a dream job. And who was he kidding anyways? He really needed the money. So he just bit his tongue and nodded, agreeing to everything she said, agreeing to every condition even though he felt it was wrong to go in and find personal details and exploit them.

                “We’re sending you because we feel like you could interact with the band the best and give us the best report and story we could get rather than if we sent one of our other writers,” the woman explained.

                Louis couldn’t hold back his eye roll this time but he nodded. He hated the band already and he didn’t know much about the members, but he had seen plenty of negative articles about them. To makes thing worse though, he just generally did not enjoy people. He would much rather be alone and now he was having to live with people for months for a tour. “Alright,” he said, looking up to the lady and giving her his best excited look he could fake. “When do I leave?”

                “Next week.”

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