60-How an you See Me ? (Part 4)

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Neymar's POV* (Imagine he played the Supercup)

"Another one to lift high guys good job." Told us Coach Luis as we took pictures with the trophy in the changing rooms after winning the European Supercup against Sevilla bringing the 4th trophy home.

During the match I couldn't but feel a weird presence , I can't say that it was unfamiliar , because I had gotten used to it for the past two weeks.

It was (y/n) ,well her ghost that was pretty much with me all the time. I didn't mind her presence at all actually she was a great and fun person that sometimes I almost forget that when we find out what is wrong and what is her unfinished business is she'll be gone , really gone this time , and this will stop.

I could still feel her but this time closer , From the other side of the changing rooms I chatted with Leo and Luis about our performance and mistakes.

They sat on the benches on the wall facing the entrance door of the changing rooms , my back to it.

As we talked they stopped eyes wide staring at something behind me, confused I turned around to look at where they were staring.

There stood (y/n) well more like half of her, her head peaked inside the door so that only half of her was shown to my eyes, which didn't make sense at all , there was nothing weird or shocking that the guys could have looked at , they couldn't see her , or can they ?

I turned back to them.

"Leo ? Luis ? Everything okay ?" I asked them.

"What the hell is that ?" Asked Luis pointing at the door.

(Y/n) was looking around the room , but then her eyes stopped on me and she smiled moving away from the door walking inside the changing rooms.

"Hey congratulations , you did great out there ." She told me grinning wide when she was standing in front of me.

"Thank you, I didn't expect you to come." I told her smiling back.

"What you expect me to have something better to do?" she joked.

"well I don't know if you have ghosty business or events to attend." I told her smirking, we do these kind of talks a lot.

Luis and Leo both stood up from their seats.

Leo's mouth started opening and closing like a fish as he lacked of words, he pointed at me then at her then back at me , then to her.

"H-how did you do that?" He asked his eyes locked on (y/n) as Luis nodded fast.

(y/n)'s mouth opened shocked her eyes wide and she looked at me alarmed.

"Wait who are you asking?" I asked them both.

"I'm asking her how the hell did she go through the door." Asked Leo again this time a little louder, which made the guys look at us weird , not noticing (y/n) .

"You're not supposed to be able to see her you two."I told them looking at me.

"Maybe they are supposed to help." She told me.

I nodded looking back at the guys.

"What is going on?" asked Luis.

"Be at my place in half an hour I'll explain then , don't be late, don't tell anyone." I told them as they nodded confused.








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