Harry Potter Short Stories

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"Expecto patronum," I yelled. My silvery panther patronus leapt out of my wand and across the room. I was teaching some fifth years how to cast a patronus in our DA club.

Since the real teachers, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley had never showed up to school this year, someone else had to step up and teach other about defense against the dark arts. It just happened to be me, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbbottom, and Ginny Weasley to become the new teachers and resistance of the school. With the Carrows in charge, someone has to stand up to them.

I was in the middle of showing my fellow peers how to make a patronus again when someone ran through the doors to our secret club. "Harry Potter's back! There's going to be a battle between him and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!" It was a fifth year panting who looked like he just saw a ghost and not one of the pleasant ones either.

My heart had started beating faster when the name Harry Potter was mentioned. Harry and I were dating last year until he broke it off with me thinking that I would be safer. Yet I still loved him and I would never be safe from Voldemort, no one would until he's dead.

No one was moving at all. They were too stunned to understand what was happening. Everything we worked for over the years would be tested tonight. It could be the end or a beginning all depending on the hours to come. This is the night where I will get my revenge on the man who killed my parents; Lucious Malfoy will die tonight by my hand.

Taking a deep breath I turned to the others, "This is what we've been working for. This is the night that will determine our futures. This is the night where Voldemort will be destroyed. We need to fight will everything we have to destroy those who wish to ruin our lives. I will fight to the death tonight and I hope you all will make it through the battle. It's been a pleasure teaching each and every one of you." I believed what I said to them; this is the last time we can fight for what we believe in or die trying.

Some starting crying, others were yelling, and some were just standing there thinking about what is to come. I looked at my fellow leaders and nodded my head bidding them good luck. Neville looked like he was waiting for this night, while Ginny and Luna were hard to read what they were thinking. This could be the last night I see many of my friends but I had to leave them to find someone else, Harry.

Walking out of the hidden room, I searched the corridors for Harry. Where would he be? The first thing that came to mind was the Great Hall. Deciding that was where I would go, I started to sprint down to the giant room.

Opening the doors I was surprised to see what I saw. The Order of the Phoenix, ministry workers, and above all, I saw Harry Potter talking with our best friends. I couldn't move, my emotions were on haywire; leaping from love to hate, happiness, to sorrow. I didn't know how to feel about seeing him again.

Glancing my way he didn't register seeing me until he snapped his head to look straight into my eyes. So many things were being played through his eyes; love, happiness, and fear. A smile grew on his face when he started to walk towards me. I couldn't help myself when I ran to meet him, flinging my arms around his neck.

I broke down at that moment; being in his arms in so long I finally felt whole again. I buried my face in his neck crying, "Why did you leave me here? Whatever you were doing I could have helped you!" His arms tightened around me when I spoke. He pulled away from me l slightly to look into my eyes, "I left you because I love you. If I was found by Voldemort he would have killed you just to hurt me. I would never live with myself if you were hurt because of me. I never stopped loving you even though I said I did."

Sniffling, I smiled at his words. He never meant to hurt me, he was telling the truth. "I love you too Harry! I never forgot about you," my heart was swelling at my happiness. He leaned down to kiss me passionately.

We were kissing for a few minutes when he pulled away. Wiping away a tear from my cheek he whispered, "Will you marry me if I live?" I was shocked to say in the least. Soon after, I recovered from my shock, "Yes! That would be perfect!"

I was giggling with happiness when he slipped a diamond ring onto my finger. Everyone around us was happy seeing that we were finally together for good. Nothing could tear us apart now, not even Voldemort himself. This is my happily ever after even if we were about to go into battle.

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