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"Don't scare us like that!" I reprimanded the king.

King Dartley chuckled. "Sorry, princess. I couldn't resist. I saw you three walking all around the castle so I deduced that you were exploring the towers. So I hid here and scared you."

"But how did you get in?" I asked.

"Oh, well, I already knew the code to get in, so I summoned a few servants from downstairs, blindfolded them, and we three knocked. I sent them down a few minutes ago."

"You terribly smart man," I remarked. "You went through such great lengths just to play a joke on us!"

"Why, thank you. I've been known as the Prince of Pranks when I was young," the king bowed jokingly. "Well, I'll leave you three here. Ah...Isabelle?"


"Could you please open the panel for me?"

I smiled. "Sure."

We were soon alone. That's when we finally took in our surroundings.

"Woah," Alex's eyes widened.

"Incredible," Carter mused.

"Amazing," I agreed. The "room" was huge. It was lit with soft, peachy drop lights that made the bluish-white walls glimmer. Chandeliers were placed here and there, and paintings adorned the walls.

The room had a golden dining table, matching chairs, and other gold furniture that sparkled and gleamed. There was one tiny window in this room, much like the others. High up the right wall.

"The Golden Room," a plaque near the panel read.

"Let's explore this one first," I decided.

Carter and Alex agreed with me and we walked around the enormous place.

I spotted a Mona Lisa painting on one wall, "The Last Supper" on another, and even a section on cubism.

"Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvador Dalí..." Carter touched the paintings on the opposite wall.

"Pablo Picasso," Alex confirmed on her wall.

"Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, woah, is this a Rembrandt?!" I was astonished.

"I got a Rembrandt here too!" Alex told us.

"The most famous painters, expensive paintings, of course. The best of the best." Carter said, to himself, most likely.

I heard footsteps outside. Weird.

"Guys," I whispered. "I hear footsteps."

"Come on, we'll finish this tonight. Let's go back."

We exited the Golden Room as quickly and silently as we can.


That night, we dressed in all black clothing and hid our hair. I took out a flashlight from my desk drawer and we tiptoed to the first tower. I found the key once more and we entered the room. Carter switched the light on, and we face the shelf of boxes once again.

"So," I walked over to the shelf. "Take a box, sit on a bean bag chair, and dig through it. If you find something interesting, set it down next to you. First night of 'raiding' is a go. Understand?"

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