Today is the day.

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~Washington D.C, July 4th~

"C'mon Hal!" A female teenager whined taking the lead over the clouded blue skies with a flap of her black, leathery, dragon-like wings that sprung largely from her back. She couldn't wait. Today was the awaited day and she couldn't stay still. She had to get their destination ASAP.

The pale skinned Green lantern sighed, looking at his darker skinned partner. "How come she only complains to me?"

His partner, John, chuckled. His ring brightening with power as he increased his velocity to keep up. "You can't blame her, Hal. Shes just excited." To prove his point, the girl began to twirl, spin and practically dance in the air. She shouted a few 'Woohoos' and laughed giddily. Her wings flapped obediently to her command as she remained in the air.

"The other kids don't even know she exists." Hal retorted blankly, in suit of the girl.

"And that was her choice, Jordan, but now shes believes shes ready." John comforted to what he knew were doubts crowding Hal's mind.

No one knew her better than Hal. He had traveled solar systems, galaxies, entire sectors with her as she learned what her abilities were and how they worked. She was so unique from anything anywhere he had seen before so it did scare him to suddenly trust her with a group that knew nothing about her.

"Ohmigod! There it is!" Both Lanterns looked forward to where their girl's voice exclaimed. "The Hall of Justice!"

"Remember what we talked about." Hal warned loud enough for her to hear. She rolled her eyes and groaned as she slowed her pace to where she occupied the space between the two Lanterns.

"Green Lantern Hal to Batman, we're arriving now." Hal informed from his ear com. After a second of confirmation from the Dark Knight himself, they began their decent down the ground.

As they got closer, they could make out the other superheroes and their sidekicks. Batman, Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Robin, Kid Flash, Speedy, and Aqualad. A grin stretched across the girl's face as she condensed her wings inch by inch to drop her altitude.

"Batman, what are we waiting for?" Robin asked his mentor. The other mentors smiled and stole glances to one another while the rest of the protégés looked to Batman for an answer to the same question that filled their heads.

"Friends." Batman replied monotonously with his low voice.

"Wait, so....we're not the last ones here? Yes!" Kid Flash fist pumped the air at the news earning a glare from Flash.

After a second, Batman turned his back to the younger members and looked up to the clouds. Everyone else followed his lead and directed their gaze upward. There, shadowed by the bright glow of the sun, were three figures that seemed to grow more distinguishable with every second.

"Are those Green Lanterns?" KF asked holding his hand up to his forehead in a salute form to block out the sun as much as he could.

"Two of them seem to be. However, who could the third be?" Aqualad added with his own observations.

Their mouths remained silent from that point as they watched all three beings land on solid ground.

Their eyes widened as they saw a girl no older than 15 touch down with two earth born Green Lanterns. Two black wings graced her back that she quickly retracted when she reached solid Earth. Her shirt rapidly mending the splits in the back with just a mental command from her. Compared to a plain white T-Shirt that covered her top, the skirt that stopped just below her knees which angled down at the front and back hems, her shoes, the earrings and necklace, even her hair and eyes were colored with teal, blue and purple that was like looking directly into the milky way Galaxy. (Imagine In Media)

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