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"I can't deal shits like this again Lauren!" Camila yelled. Lauren shudder at the brunette's tone and stepped closer slowly

"Babe calm down-"

"Don't babe me. You keep lying to me. You lied to me, about having Kendall in your house. You said you're having one of your management here. But no! You have to lie to me. How many times you've done this?" Camila said

This time, it's Lauren's turn to raise her voice. "What am i suppose to do? You'll flipped out! And i know this will happen" Lauren said

"So if you know this is gonna happen, you keep doing this?" Camila ask slowly

Lauren stayed silent and look away. "Lauren, answer me" Camila demand

"Lauren Michelle Jauregui, you fucking answer me" Camila push Lauren and she still won't look at her

"Lauren!" Camila yelled

"Okay fine! Yes! I keep doing it" Lauren said. Camila stepped back from her and grabbed her purse

"I can't keep doing this, we're done. For good, Lauren" Camila said


[ Lauren Jauregui ]

It was never easy for me these past few months. Yes, i guess you know the news from television. "Model Camila Cabello Confirms Breakup with Superstar/Rockstar, Lauren Jauregui."

It's sad really. Those memories before i just describe, are my flashback of her. It's been months. Months, i don't even know how months i have lost her. I left her voicemail approximately 198 of them. Yes, i'm counting and most of the times, i told her about my day, or maybe cry over the phone on how much i'm in pain.

The news of her dating someone else trigger my heart. Camila's currently dating another superstar. This isn't just any superstar, nobody's able to resist her. Everybody loves her. Ariana Grande. Yeah she's one of my best friends but because of her "dating" time, we rarely talk these days. Ariana is nice. Sometimes she would talk to me about how much Camila is happy. I wouldn't dare to take that happiness away. At least she's happy right?

Ariana's not the jealous type of girlfriend, as far as I assume. No matter how many times i ask about Camila, she would answer it happily, even though she knows i'm her ex. The last time she told me Camila is doing a Victoria Secret Runaway again in London. She's beyond excited she wants to wear the butterfly costume again. I chuckled at the memory

Right now, i'm currently lounging myself in my London apartment. I have missed my real home. And New York seems to bring a lot of memories. Luckily, i wasn't alone here in London. Mani had fly here for college and need a place to stay. Ofcourse i said yes. I haven't really told you about my second friend

Maia Mitchell. Australian but moved here with me to London. As much as i know how Maia loves her home, she would do anything to make a friend happy. Maia and Mani are the best combination. Both girls like to party and twerk their ass off on the dance floor.

Looking at the London Bridge view, i sip another liquor from my glass. I leave another message to Camila. "Hi, Camz. Uh i don't really know what to do" I chuckled and continue

"Maybe you've change your number. You'll get tired of me anyways" I said and sigh

"I heard you're going to be at the Victoria Secret again this year. And if you can hear me now, i think i have the courage to see you, again. It's been a while, yeah? I was hoping i could see you and get to start over. So i guess that's it then" I said

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