Chapter 6

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" To all classes , please kindly proceed to the Red Line Hall . I repeat , to all classes , please kindly proceed to the Red Line Hall . " The broadcast announced using the school's advance speaker .

The class , runs out . And within seconds , the corridor is packed with students of the Grand Line High .

" Let's Go !!!! " Luffy exclaimed happily and run full speed , passing all the students in one go , making the gang sweatdropped at his enthusiasm as yoNu sighed .

- Time Skip - The Red Line Hall

" Good morning , school !!! " a middle-age man , have scars under his eye and a crimson red hair greeted .

" GOOD MORNING , PRINCIPAL ! " the enthusiastic, impatient , raucous bunch of these student greeted back .

" Haha ! My name is Shanks , and you all know it all ... " he started and everyone laughs .

" Hey ! Information to new transfer students ! " he said , pouting . " Well , anyway , Let's continue .... You all know why are you summon here , right ? " he asked with his gentle , deep yet playful voice .

The eyes of the students sparkles with enthusiasm and cheers began to roar. "WOahh! Chill guyss! Chill.." Shanks eyes widen and begin to laugh while the teachers giggled. Oh wow.. This school is really hyped up.. you thought as you quietly shook your head.

Standing beside you was Nami, who patted your back, "Raise you fighting spirit, ( Last Name )!! We are going to knock some classes out~ Hehe~"

"ORYAHHH!! WE, CLASS 1-A WILL SNATCH THE TITLE OF STRONGEST CLASS OF THE YEAR THIS YEAR!!!" Luffy exclaimed as he jumped as high as possible. "OI! you there, with the strawhat! Pipe down! " Shanks warned through the microphone as everyone roared with laughter once more.

"So.. Ehem.." the principal cough and cleared his throat, silence immediately enveloped the once-rowdy , enthusiastic room. Everyone's eyes turned serious.

" Information for the new students.. This is our tradition. Every year, there is a competition for both students and teachers.. The categories will vary, depends on the condition. Each classes in every respective level will compete against one another and at the end of each academic year, the best class will be showered with free canteen food and 3 or more detention pass voucher.. depending on the condition  that will be valid for the next academic year. " Shanks explained.

"FOODDD!!!' Luffy went rampage again. "YOU! Quiet down!" Shanks exclaimed once again, facepalming himself.

Oh.. So that's why everyone was so hyped.. because of food... you thought as you nodded your head. "Ah. I forgot to say this, if you do not want detention pass.. you can change it into the canteen food coupon.. but if you do get detention, do not expect me to be lenient on you guys... Sir Crocodile will take a good care of you, isn't that right?" Shanks smirked and Sir Crocodile smiles evilly, sending chills to the student body.

A bright smile spread over Shank's face as he delivered his final sentence, " So that's it guys! May be best class win!! Try not to get anyone to the hospital, alritee?? Hehe. And do your best on your studies! Don't forget that I will always be watching over you like a hawk~"

With that, the assembly is dismissed, the chattering of the students filled in the silence. "CLASS 1-A, LET'S DO OUR BEST!!!!!" Usopp exclaimed, following by everyone's echoing cheer.

"Let's do our best, eh, ( Last Name )?" A voice suddenly speak up behind you. You flinched in surprise and turned your head. "Ace..." you said, maintaining the poker face. "It's Sir in school, ( Name )~" he chuckled as he ruffled your ( h/c ) hair.

RINGGGG!!! The bell rang, stopping his action, he flashed you a childish smile and flicked on your forehead. "Gotta go! Don't be so emotionless alright? Haha! Byee! See you in class~" he chirped as he dashed off, leaving you standing there, dumbfounded.

Yes.. Let's both do our best.. you silently thought, without you knowing,  a small smile began to curl up, your frozen heart began to crack and start melting.....


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