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Thousands of miles away never stopped you from talking to me.

Hundreds of fights with your other friends never changed your opinion about me.

I don't need makeup and skinny jeans to be friends with you.

All I need is sweatpants, 6 hours, and a controller to hangout with you.

Though short lived in person, our friendship still rains strong. I'm happy we have an unbreakable bond.

I'll stay up til 2 am helping you win that last battle of skywars and reply within 5 minutes to you in a midnight crisis. I'll eat my Mac and Cheese with a spoon just to keep you happy without forks.

You'll defend me even when I stay stop when people pick on me for being a noob. You'll win every Pvp battle and archery fight by a long shot, but still let me barely lose to make me feel better.

We can go weeks without talking, but still shoot each other a text and talk like no time passed.

We don't need that stereotypical teenage friendship to keep us happy, cause all I'll ever need is a plus one in my build battles to keep me happy.

No matter how far I am, how noob I get, and how long you spend with others. I'll be your friend, and you'll always be mine. And it means the world to me when you call me a better friend then your other friends, whether you truly meant it or not.

Thank you for being there for me, even when I move. I can't wait to see you again, you're truly an amazing Noonel.

Thank you Noonel

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