Rich girls can fall in love with just a normal guy . . . <3

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okay this is one of my new stories , actually I had this for time. . . Buuuut . I was too laaazy to post up on Wattpadd. So here it goes.

"MOOOOOOMMMMMAA " i just woke up and my neice was in my room watching tv as loud as it can go , if you must know . . Her name is Amari TruLove Wilson. She's 3 years old with a whole lot of mouth. My moma came in my room and said "Symone Amelia Wilson you better have a good reason why you call me in here."

Pause -

Let me tell you about myself ,

I'm Symone Amelia Wilson.

50% black. & 50% white.

Daddy is white and momma is black.

5'1 1/2

I'm thicka dan a snicka. Not super size but I love my body.

Complexion - we all light skinned no offense.

One older brother - Marion Jr. 19

Then me - 15 Sophmore.

Twin sisters - Azaali Love & Azaari Hope Wilson 8

Parents are Marion Sr. 36 & Sierra Wilson 35

Continue -

I tried to keep a straight face, you should have seen how she did a "wass up buss up on me" My straight face failed and she hit me with a shoe leaving Amari to laugh at me. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom took a shower, brushed and everything and came out. Amari stared at me and said "where you going today." I rolled my eyes and said "somewhere your not." I decided to wear: Skinny Jeans, Red long sleeve shirt, Grey Ugg boats and my red and black Hoodie. It's super cold outside today. I grabbed my cute black and red scarf and did my hair, unwrapping it and but a red head band on with a cute flower on the side. I went downstairs with Amari following, Marion was sitting at the table being lazy as always. I kissed his cheek and said "Marion, good morning." My daddy was sitting on the couch in his suit looking nice. He has a law firm, Wilson Law Firm. My mother is a Doctor but she's on vacation right now. I gone to my dad and said "you ready" he was taking me to school today. Yay. The twins are riding the bus or my mom or Marion was gonna take them. I grabbed my cereal bar and kissed amari and said "bye love, bye momma, bye zaali and zaari." I waved bye and gone grabbed my winter coat and gloves and gone in the newest Tahoe. I sat in the front seat. My daddy came in and said "okay, now symone your staying after school for dance try outs and I'm picking you up at 4 ?" I nodded and said "yes daddy" he nodded and we pulled off.

10 minutes later we reached school, I gathered my bags and dance bag and opened the door. He got his wallet out and handed me $20. I smiled showing teeth and said "thanks daddy, love ya." I got out the car and started walking to the front entrance. When I got inside I went to my locker and stuffed everything in there, took my jacket and gloves off and headed to my first class. I really dont have friends just yet. I've been here for about 3 weeks maybe. I left my old school which was about 3 hours away. I left everything, captain of cheerleading, and dance team. All because my dad wanted to be closer to his law firm. . . I gone to class and like any other day, when I walk in everybody whispering and laughing. I sat at the back table by myself today. I didn't feel like sitting by jordan, he talks to much. The teacher wasn't paying attention to us so I got my phone out. I had the newest iPhone. I was playing sky burger. Don't know about that game ? Search it up ! The teacher got up and said "okay attention you guys, we have a new student, his name is Korrie. Make him feel good" "oh I'll make him feel good alright" some girl called out. He walked to the back and sat beside me. I looked at him and to be honest he really is cute. He opened his bag and said "excuse me Hun, you got some paper" I swallowed and said "ye- yes." I got out the paper and he said "thanks babe" boy this boy is umm. Let me stop. He started writing and then out the blue he said "symone amelia, I cant hold my tongue no longer" I shot up and said "wait, how you know my name. . ." he smiled and said "it's sad how you dnt even recognize me, but it's all good" I got up and looked closely at him. OH MY DAYYYZZ. Its lil Korrie. I hugged him tight and said "oh my gosh, look at you. Wait, why am I talking to you, you broke my heart remember." he smiled and said "oh hush, you still on that. Because I moved. But it's all good. So you still cheerleading" I shook my head meaning no and said "well 3 weeks ago I just came here, at my old school I was captain of cheerleading And danceteam." he nodded and said "oh so no sports this year " I shrugged and said "trying out for dance team" he nodded and said "good, so introduce me to some friends" I laughed and said "I dnt have friends here" he looked at me and laughed. I pushed him and said "it's hard fitting in to a school that, well you understand right ?" he nodded and said "yea, this my second type of school." see I knew he knew how I felt. The bell rung dismissing us from our first class. I got his schedule and said "your with me buddy, come on well first I have to stop to my locker." we gone to my locker and my surprise his locker is two lockers down. I got my history book and said "k, come on" he was still struggling to open his locker. I helped him out and he said "thanks babe" i smiled cause he never changed from 6th grade. I had missed him. But he's backk. We walked down the hallways and all you hear was "the rich kids coming through." "new kids" "lamies" "aye she got a donk on her but she a stoosh kid." I looked at Korrie and he laughed and said "symone does this happen everyday" I shrugged and said "sometimes, but today it's worst" he nodded and we just continued to walk to class.

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