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Ashton was on his phone a lot for the next few days. We still had the tutoring sessions, but he froze up whenever I touched him, and shrugged me off when I apologised. He looked frustrated to say the least. I figured he'd tell me, because I'd end up hearing it because this was a fanfiction and I knew everything.

Well, maybe not everything. The Wattpad hotline had gone on holiday, and wouldn't text me back, which was just a dick move. The book they gave me deemed useless, and books kept on appearing on my bookshelf, and I supposed that they would come into importance.

"Ashton," I mumbled. "Please get off your phone."

"Sorry." He put it in his pocket. "It's Kylie. Can I go early?"

I shook my head, just wanting to spend some time with him. "Why's Gatsby so obsessed with Daisy?"

"He's in love with her."

"Who's Daisy?"

"That guy's cousin."

"Who's that guy?"

"Shut up, Calum." He sighed, shooting me a massively exasperated look. "I need to go or Kylie's going to rip my head off." He got up, but I pulled him back down. He was about to ask, but I crawled over and straddled his waist. "No." he whispered, but didn't do anything.

I just needed him to fall in love with me.

"Ash, shut up." I stated and he gave me an aggravated look. I leant over and kissed him on the corner of his mouth, and then on his jawline, down his neck and onto his collarbone.

His hands slid down from my waist and to my bum as he leant forward a little, so I didn't have to lean so far away. He pressed out a breath, as he lifted himself and me up. He walked us upstairs and he laid me down on the bed.

"You're really fucking testing me." he stated, giving me a heated glare, but went to kiss me anyway.

We continued to make-out for a while, clothes coming off every ten minutes or so. To some people, it would've been boring to be doing the same thing for twenty minutes, but with Ashton – no matter what he was doing – it was addictive.

"Will you break up with Kylie?" I asked when we'd stopped and laid beside each other.

"No. I can't."

"Why not?" I sounded like a little bitch, but I just wanted to get home, and his stubbornness was frustrating me. "It's obvious you like me more than you like her."

"It's complicated." He argued. "I can't explain it to you. But I . . . I love her, okay?" I knew he was lying, because he was supposed to fall in love with me.

I sat up, looking down at him. "If you love her so much, why are you kissing me?" I raised an eyebrow, he pushed out a breath, holding the back of my hand because he knew I was going to leave.

"You're a much better kisser, that's why." He said, a lazy smile spreading across his face.

I rolled my eyes, blushing a little as I kissed him once more. "You're a dick. But I like you too much to say that angrily." Then, I got dressed and left.

Wait, I stopped myself at the gate. Why did I blush? I could not like a character. Pulling a hand through my hair, endless possibilities ran through my head. I could not have a crush on a character. It would be tragic if I did. The story would end and I would get out of the stupid story I was stuck in and be heartbroken.

But I had to. Had to fall in love with a character to get out of this mess, even if I would just arrive straight into another one. Even if I had to risk my feelings, and become more obsessed with a celebrity than I already was.

I wound up in my bedroom, and I was starting to get a headache from all of the time-skips. I was under the covers, ready to sleep, but my eyes just wouldn't close. My feet and fingers guided my body around, turning the light on and picking up a book that appeared a few days ago. The Four Stages Of A Headfuck by Hemmo1996.

Luke's account?

This was Luke's story. Luke, my other best friend. Why did his story appear in my bookshelf? I was on the phone before I could even think about it, hoping somebody would pick up.

"Why is there books on my bookshelf?" I asked, wasting my time on such a stupid questions when I had so many other questions to ask.

"It's your library, sir."

"So, the book I was reading that got me into this mess is in here somewhere?"

The man on the other side snorted. "God, no. Wouldn't want to make it easy, would we?"

"You're so inconvenient, Wattpad." I said, darkly, clenching the fist that wasn't holding the phone. "I'm going to sue you when I get out."

"Under what grounds? I don't think they'll believe, 'I pressed start reading and was sent into another world and had to complete everything so I could get out and into this world.'" I was so angry that my face was going red. Apparently the dicks get left to do the job when the okay people go on holiday.

"Where's the story?"

"I don't know, I'm not Super Man."

I screamed into the phone and pressed random digits so it would make an annoying noise in his ear. "Don't be a dick!" I yelled. "I'm scared enough already, okay? How would you feel if you got dragged into a fucked up world?"

But he'd already hung up. He texted me a few seconds later. It was the key points for chapter nineteen

1. Unknown

2. Unknown

3. Unknown

"Dude," I turned to see Michael standing in the doorway. I was past the point of questioning his reason of being here, instead I just went over and walked into his chest as he wrapped his arms around me. I started to sob so hard that my ribs started to hurt.

I was so fucking scared, and I just wanted to go home. No matter how shit it was.

I gripped his shirt subconsciously, used to doing it when I was cuddling someone. He shut my door and I cried even more because he wasn't my best friend; he was another version of my best friend, and the fact that I could only just see the difference scared me.

I needed to get out of there. Fast.

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